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Galvestonian Maritime Republic
República Marítima de Gálvezton
Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: Coast of Texas
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

A través de la Unidad, Fuerza
("Through Unity, Strength")

Anthem "Glorificar a Dios"
"Glorify God"
Capital Galveston
Largest city Galveston
Other cities Corpus Christi, Indianola
Language Texican
Religion Texan Catholic
Ethnic Group Texican
Demonym Galvestonian
Government Oligarchic Trade Republic
  legislature Directorio
Chairman Ricardo Raúl
  Ruling Family: Martínez
Established 1904
Currency Galvestonian real (ɍ)
Organizations Caribbean Trade Association
The Galvestonian Maritime Republic, often known more simply as Galveston, is a Caribbean trade republic, along with its rivals New Orleans, Mobile, and Tampania. From the Neches River and the border with New Orleans in the northeast, the Republic continues south to Baffin Bay and a border with a Mexican state.

Galveston maintains a Spanish culture, which has allowed for a good deal of success in Mexican regions as well as establishing trading outposts in Cuba.




Raiding from the South - Pirates


Government and Politics


Strong Navy

Galveston Rangers



The currency of Galveston is the Galvestonian real (ɍ), which is one of the strongest currencies in the Caribbean Trade Association.

Galveston's main export is cotton.


Texican, a mix of Spanish/Texan

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