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So, recently there has been a lot of talk about community timelines, but we, being the lazy people we are, have yet to get one off the ground and while we all agree that we want a high quality map game, we seem to be struggling with that as well. With this in mind, I decided to make a sort of mixture between these two, Game and Timeline. With any luck, we will be able to have some fun with this and maybe generate some good content along the way.

Welcome the the first (and probably only) installment of a new game - A Game of Nations.


Note: If you have any questions regarding the rules, please message me on my talk or on chat.

Game Rules

  1. The farthest back you can change history is 1000 BC. Just for simplicity, no exceptions.
  2. Everything you make must fit into previously established canon. However, when referring to nations that don't exist yet, be as vague on the details as possible to give the person who makes that nation creative freedom.
  3. The mods can retcon or resize nations as they see fit, though if this happens, and explanation will be given.
  4. If you miss your claim, which lasts (approximately) 24 hours, you are moved back five spots. If you miss it again, you get moved back ten, and of you miss it a third time, end of the line. However, if you finish early, the next person's claim starts immediately. Also, if you are inactive, you will be skipped. The inactivity definition applies when you have not made any edits in the past ten (10) days.
  5. Please apply basic human decency - this is technically a competition, but seriously, work together, have fun and don't f*ck anyone over

Turn Rules

  1. Turns are composed of each player making a nation and beginning to create content for that nation.
  2. Each turn starts after all the players currently signed up have posted a nation.
  3. Once all the space on the map is filled, turns come to an end, and players then have to generate content based on the current map and established canon.
  4. If you created a nation in the previous turn, but did not make a page for it, you are barred from joining the next turn until you do. Some extra content on the page most be generated and mods have final discretion.

Formatting Rules

  • Categorize every page you create with the following categories:
    • Game of Nations;
    • [nation name] (Game of Nations)
    • Nation pages should also have the category: Nations (Game of Nations)
  • How to title pages:
    • The nation itself: [Nation Name] (Game of Nations)
    • Pages about the nation: [Topic of Page] ([Nation Name] - Game of Nations)

Content Rules

  • You can essentially generate content on two things:
    • Stuff directly pertaining to your nation, such as history, wars or culture.
    • Stuff not directly pertaining to any specific nation, like the global wine industry*, International organizations, Trade, etc.
      • However, if you make these articles, they must be approved by a mod.

*I have no earthly idea why you would do this. Bonus points to whoever does, though.

Posting Rules

Next to the map you post with your nation on it, put some basic information about it in the following format:
  • Country Name:
  • Capital (and Largest City):
  • Other Cities:
  • Religion:
  • Language(s):
  • Ethnic Groups:
  • Government:
  • Literacy Rate:
  • Currency:
  • Population:
  • Economy:
  • Military Strength: (Scale from one to ten)
  • Anthem:
  • Motto:
Save the map file you make in the following format:
  • GoNT[Insert Game turn number here] [Insert 4-6 letter abbreviation of your nation name here]

Rules for making maps

  • Mark international borders in black.
  • Cover up rivers (mostly because the current nations did it and I want it to be consistent).
  • Add your nation to the table at the bottom.

Other Rules

  • Every three months, the players will vote on awards for best contributor, best page, among other awards. This will happen four times, making this game last a year in total.


  1. If it takes three or more days to make your nation page, the mods are allowed to change your nation's stats, and these can not be changed back.
  2. Planning page can be found. Here
  3. Any Nation from turn one that does not have a Nation page created for it 48 hours from now (from 18th, June 2016, 12 (noon) central time) will be removed from the map. If you want your nation to remain on the map, please make a nation page and get it approved by a mod. Thank you.
  4. It is your responsibility to add your nation to the map. Do not expect someone else to do your work for you. It's not that hard to edit the map. Also, don't say that you don't have the tools to edit the map, because you do. On Windows there's Paint, and on Mac while there are no default equivalents, you can easily download free tools such as GIMP. If you do not have access to a computer, there are various free image editing apps available on Google Play and the App Store.
  5. If your nation still does not have a map, the space it supposedly occupies can be overwritten and your claim will be written out of existence.

And if you are on mobile?

Surely you have a computer to use somewhere. Use that. If not, there are a bunch of image editing apps available for both iOS and Android if you search it up. Make an effort.

Yeah, halfway across the Country.

Like I just said, there are free image editing apps available for both iOS and Android.


Formal Mods

Exactly what the name implies. These are the users who have volunteered to keep the game going, and will check for plausibility and formatting. You can message them with any questions or concerns about the game. In order to join, you must have permission from either Fires or LL, and both if possible.

Mods can only be demoted or removed by Fires

  • Head Mod - WikiBuilder1147
  • Creator - Firesofdoom
  • Co-Creator - LightningLynx89
  • LieutenantOctivian Marius
  • CategorizerForsakenPear

Helper Mods

These are users who can help you with making maps, Wiki-text for your nation page or help give you ideas for your nation. If need be, they can also be asked questions, though it is recommended you ask the formal mods if one is available. Anyone who is interested can sign up, as long as they are willing to help. Formal Mods can kick people off this team if they see fit.


A list of players so everyone can keep track. Resets every turn:

Note: all players must sign up here, even if they sign up for a claim.


This is to determine what order the nations are made for each turn.

Mods go first. Fires said he will not be around for a while so he won't be listed as first priority this round for the sake of saving time. FP is also not listed because he has not recorded his claim from Turn Two.

  1. Tim
  2. Candies
  3. Oct
  4. Rex
  5. Scraw
  6. Massacote
  7. Blocky
  8. Orange
  9. Orwell

Don't have the time or a stable enough wi-fi connection to make my turn now. I moved myself back two spots. ~Oct

Banned players


Current Map

GoN with BalkanRepublic.png

Nations (Turn Three)

Han (Tim)


  • Country name(s): Great Han Empire (大漢帝國), Han (漢國)
  • Capital (and largest city): Chang'an
  • Other cities: Luoyang, Xuchang, Shanghai
  • Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity
  • Languages: Hanyu (Chinese)
  • Ethnic Groups: Han
  • Government: Unitary absolute monarchy
  • Literacy rate: 98.5% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Han Yuan
  • Population: 1,195,293,900
  • Economy: Strong capitalist economy, possessing one of the highest total GDPs in the world. Han has a very powerful manufacturing base, and its well-connected infrastructure system allows for a highly efficient economy.
  • Military strength: 9/10. Han's military, known officially as the Imperial Han Unified Defence Forces (漢國立聯合國防軍, Hàn guólì liánhé guófángjūn, abbr. IHUDF) is the largest standing military force in the world with over 2.3 million active troops. The IHUDF is commanded by the Imperial Military Commission and consists of the Imperial Army (國立陸軍), the Imperial Navy (國立海軍), Imperial Air Force (國力空軍) and Marine Corps (海軍陸戰隊)
  • Anthem: Song to the Auspicious Cloud (卿雲歌)
  • Motto: Mighty and Free is our Land! (帝國全能自由)
  • Other notes
    • Head of state: Emperor — currently Han Guang
    • Head of government: Premier — currently Ma Yingjiu — Appointed by the Emperor on the advice of the Imperial Convention, an elected body that functions much like the Electoral College in the US.
    • Imperial House: House of Han.
    • Legislature: Imperial Cabinet — consists of 20 politicians appointed by the Emperor on the advice of the Imperial Convention.
    • Provinces: Jinyang, Jiangling, Xindu, Guzang, Linzi, Pengcheng, Jianye, Linqiu, Chengdu, Chang'an, Zhuoxian, Chenxian, Jixian, Nanzheng, Dianchi, Panyu, Luoyang

Anatolia (Rex)


(Was given permission by Oct to go next.)

  • Country Name: Republic of Anatolia
  • Capital: Angora
  • Largest City: Tarsus
  • Other Cities: Bathus, Amida, Sebaste, Perga, Gordium, Gangra, Trapezus
  • Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Sunni Islam
  • Language(s): Anatolian, Turkic
  • Ethnic Groups: Anatolian, Caucasian, Turkic
  • Government: Presidential republic
  • Literacy Rate: 94.3% of 18-year-olds
  • Currency: Anatolian mina (AMN)
  • Population: 45,293,790 (2015 census)
  • Economy: Moderate-strength (recently developed) capitalist economy, with strong emphasis in manufacturing.
  • Military Strength: 7/10; tense relations with the Levant and United Hellenic Provinces have led to consistent military build-up.
  • Anthem: From the Hittite Hills
  • Motto: "United by Our Past, Destined for Our Future"
  • Administrative Regions (clockwise from top-right): Caucusus, Armenia, Assyria, Cappadocia, Cilicia, Pamphylia, Phyrgia, Paphlagonia, Pontus

Grand Duchy of Amalfi (Oct)


  • Country Name: Grand Duchy of Amalfi
  • Capital (and Largest City): Amalfi
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Language(s): Italian
  • Ethnic Groups: Amalfian, French, Italian, English
  • Government: Absolute Monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Currency: Ducat of Amalfi, pegged to Roman Empires Currency
  • Population: 75,600
  • Economy: Capitalism
  • Military Strength: 0
  • Anthem:
  • Motto:

Imperial Lusitanian Federation (Scraw)


  • Imperial Lusitanian Federation
  • Capital: Lisbon
  • Religion: Western Catholicism
  • Language: Portuguese (legal and majority)
  • Ethnic groups: Lusitanian
  • Government: Federal constitutional monarchy
  • Literacy rate: 99%
  • Currency: Lusitanian real
  • Population: 70,439,944
  • Military strength: 7
  • Anthem: Hymno Patriotico

United Provinces of Conceição (Massacote)


  • Country Name: Províncias Unidas de Conceição (United Provinces of Concepcion)
  • Capital: Santo Antônio
  • Largest City: Paraná
  • Other Cities: Planalto, Gardel de Menezes
  • Religion: 84% Catholic; 8.7% Protestant; 5.1% Atheists; 1.3% Native Religions; 0.9% Other Religions
  • Language(s): Portuguese, Guarani
  • Ethnic Groups: 61% White, 26% Native, 6% Asian; 3% Mixed; 3% "Other"
  • Government: Presidential democratic republic
  • Literacy Rate: 96.2%
  • Currency: Austral (₳)
  • Population: 73,694,498
  • Economy:57% of its economy belongs to the secondary sector, 26% belong to the primary sector. Industrialized country.
  • Military Strength: 6/10
  • Anthem: Liberdade! (Liberty)
  • Motto: União, Liberdade e Força (Union, Liberty and Strength)

Dutch Remnant Federation (Orwell)


Note that Scraw let me have New Zealand as New Zeeland.
  • Country Name: Dutch Remnant Federation of South Africa, Goa, and New Zeeland
  • Capital: Johannesburg (This is the Judicial Capital), Goa (This is the Legislative Capital), Williamville (OTL Wellington, this is Executive), Kaapstad (OTL Cape Town, this is the Archival Capital
  • Largest City: Goa
  • Other Cities: Bloemfontein, New Hague (OTL Salisbury/Haare), Johannesburg, Natalia City (OTL Durban), Pretoria, Chirststad (OTL Christchurch)
  • Religion: 80% Christian, 20% African Religion, Hinduism
  • Languages: Dutch, Zulu, Hindu
  • Ethnic Groups: 83% White, 15% native African, 9% Indian (Genocide by the Dutch and South African government is why black population is so low)
  • Government: Racist Ex-Dutch democracy wanting revenge on the Socialist Germans for taking Holland
  • Literacy: 99.9%
  • Currency: Dutch guilder
  • Population: 48 million whites, 13 million Africans, nine million Indians
  • Economy: neo-capitalist, self sufficient after it industrialized Southern Africa and its part of India and Oceania
  • Military 8/10: Modern army fueled with Dutch racism, and has illegal nuclear weapons plus a large chemical arsenal ready to drop on KwaZulu and and Indian rebels in the name of Free Holland and white supremacy, big navy to keep one of the three colonies in contact with the others.
  • Anthem: Whilhelmus (William)
  • Motto: Ik zal handhaven (I Will Uphold)

Balkan Republic (Orange)

GoN with BalkanRepublic.png

  • Country Name: Balkan Republic of Romania, Bulgaria, and Greater Serbia
  • Capital: Belgrade
  • Largest City: Bucharest
  • Other Cities: Sofia, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Tirana
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Languages: Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian
  • Ethnic Groups: Slavs, Romanians, Pacific islanders (in Fiji)
  • Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
  • Literacy: 98.8%
  • Currency: Balkan dinar
  • Population: 52.74 million
  • Economy: Stable, capitalist economy with growing GDP.
  • Military 7/10
  • Anthem: Hey, Slavs

Nations (Turn Two)

Mayan Empire (Fires)


  • Country Name: Mayan Empire
  • Capital (and Largest City): Caracol
  • Other Cities: Tenochtitlan, Tlacopan
  • Religion: 43% Catholic, 29% Other Christian, 18% Muslim, 10% Atheist/Agnostic
  • Language(s): Mayan, Aztec,
  • Ethnic Groups: 49% Mexican, 23% Aztec, 19% Mayan, 9% Other
  • Government: Mayan Supremacist Capitalist Oligarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 51% - Reading and writing is mostly taught to Mayans and Aztecs.
  • Currency: Mayan Cocoa
  • Population: 174,928,289
  • Economy: The Mayan economy is essentially split into two economies. The first consists of the Mayan and Aztec upper classes, and functions the same way as any other modern economy. The other economy, made up of Mexicans and other races, is a brutal capitalist system, dedicated to getting the maximum amount of productivity out of each worker, with various Mayan owners controlling the factories and other resources.
  • Military Strength: 9. The Mayan Empire maintains negative relations with all of their immediate land neighbors and several other nearby nations as well.
  • Anthem: Maya and its people
  • Motto: Mayan Power!

Japanese Federation (LL)


  • Country Name: Japanese Federation
  • Capital (and Largest City): Tokyo
  • Other Cities: Yokohama, Osaka, Seoul, Nagoya
  • Religion: 95% Shinto, 5% other
  • Language(s): Japanese (official), Korea
  • Ethnic Groups: 70% Japanese, 20% Nipponrean, 10% Korean
  • Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional federation
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Currency: Yen
  • Population: 194 million
  • Economy: The Japanese economy is one of the strongest in the world. As one of the lead producers and manufacturers in technology. A largely growing population helps to create job opportunities in the country as well. An 8.
  • Military Strength: 6. Serves mostly as a self defense force. But possibly an 8 if ever the need for full mobilization.
  • Anthem: Kimigayo
  • Motto: Yōsei-no kokoro-wo hiromu (Spread the spirit of nurturing rightness)

Grand Duchy of New Tuscany (Oct)

  • Country Name: Grand Duchy of New Tuscany
  • Capital (and Largest City): Port Ferdinand
  • Other Cities: Thornton
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Language(s): Italian
  • Ethnic Groups: Italians, Natives
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 98%
  • Currency: Florin
  • Population: Ten million
  • Economy: Capitalist
  • Military Strength: 8, still shrinking from its Fascist dictatorship
  • Anthem: None
  • Motto: None

Garuda (Tim)


  • Country Name: Greater Confederation of Garudan Sovereign Republics
  • Capital (and Largest City): Asemadburg
  • Other Cities:
  • Religion: 45% Non-aligned/Atheist, 29% Lutheran, 25% Muslim, 8% Roman Catholic, 2% Buddhist, 1% Church of Cygnia
  • Language(s): Garudan
  • Ethnic Groups: 76% Melayu (Indonesian), 12% Chinese, 9% Caucasian, 3% Other
  • Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Literacy Rate: 78% - This figure is rising with the assistance of Cygnia, albeit slowly.
  • Currency: Garudan Mark
  • Population: 139,817,920
  • Economy: Possessing a medium-strength economy, Garuda serves as a central transit point for many shipments travelling in and out of Asia and between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, which generates a lot of revenue. However, government corruption means that a significant portion of this revenue 'disappears.'
  • Military Strength: 5.5. Garuda has one of the largest standing armies in the world in terms of raw manpower, with around four million soldiers on active duty, and millions more in reserve. National Service is in place, requiring all male citizens to serve in the military for a period of at least four years upon turning 18. However, that is where its superiority ends. Much of its technology is outdated, a problem the government is desperate to fix by importing new equipment from allies like Cygnia.
  • Anthem: Auferstanden aus Ruinen (Risen from Ruins)
  • Motto: Fuer immer in Froindshaft und Arbyt verynt (United forever in friendship and labour)

Nivkhgu Empire (Nathan)

  • Country name: Empire of the Nivkh, Nivkh Khanate, Kingdom of the Nivkh, the Pastry Kingdom
  • Capital: Mang Hangut
  • Largest city: Jilin
  • Other cities: Sapparro, Harbin, Ulaan, Hohhot, Tungesic (Novosibirisk), N'ot'am'or'on (Vladivostok), Nendago (Nome), Adaqo (Anchorage), Krasnoyak (Juneau)
  • Religion: Buddhism (63%), Turko-Mongol Animism (20%), Nestorianism (11%), Catholicism (5%), Protestantism (1%), Non-religious (44%)
  • Languages: Nivkh (56%), Mongolian (25%), Tungesic (5%), Yupik (12%), Na-Dene (7%)
  • Ethnic groups: Turko-Mongolic (42%), Siberian (43%), Amerindian (15%)
  • Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
  • Literacy rate: 95% of adults over 18
  • Currency: Siberian Jims (JMS)
  • Population: 78,783,300 (official estimate), 71,221,000 (other estimate)
  • Economy: Dominates trade in the north Pacific; exporting a number of products including oil, timber, but most of all, the Juniper Pastries. The Nivkh are known as the finest chefs in the world. Trade is often partnered with Cascadia, while most exports go to Japan, California and Cygnia. Main imports are food and coal.
  • Military: 8/10. Very well-disciplined, modern military fitted with the latest Tiger-Hand Tanks and RX-20 Pastry Rifles
  • Anthem: Xарх ϴсөлт Kharkh ösölt (Rise of the Lemmings)
  • Motto: Cайн, Τа Cайн Sain, Ta Sain (Good and Good for you)

Ayutthaya (belial)


  • Country Name: Holy Empire of Ayutthaya
  • Capital: Ayutthaya, Largest City Bangkok Other Cities: Phnom Penh, Prey nokor,
  • Religion: Ayutthayan Buddhism 93%, Christianity 2%, Islam 1.5%,, Buddhism 3%, 0.5% Atheism, Others
  • Languages: Ayutthayan (Thai) 47% Khmer 30%, Vietnamese 12% Lao 8% Others
  • Ethnic Groups: Ayutthayan 53%, Khmer 27%, Vietnamese 11% Lao 4% 4% Hmong, Others 1%
  • Government: Absolute Monarchy under a Theocracy
  • Literacy Rate: 67% of 18-year-olds
  • Economy: Very weak and poor due to a long period of isolation however recent global attempts have opened up Ayutthaya to trade with its neighbors of Cygnia and Garudia recent years have seen attempts by Cascadia and Columbia to trade with it slowly improving its economy.
  • Military 5/10: Despite possessing a very large army it is very outdated and doesn't possess relevant technology at all. Despite this, the army is very loyal and disciplined never once having had a mutiny.
  • Motto: เพื่อความรุ่งเรือง ของคน ของพระเจ้า (For the glory of the divine people)
  • Anthem: ลูกเห็บทั้งหมด กษัตริย์ พระเจ้า ของเรา (All hail our Divine king)

Wait your turn

It is my turn-belial

Kingdom of Spain and Portugal (AH28)

Map later (could someone do the map for me because I can't make maps ATM.)

Seriously should be Castile-Portugal considering that Spain comes from the Roman Province of Hispania which included Portugal. The whole reason the name Spain was used again was the Union of the Catholic monarchs, which obviously didn't happen in ATL. Also Spanish was originally called Castilian and is still known to this day as that.  ~Oct

But I'm yet to create a history for this nation and it'll make sense why it's called that. ~ AH28

  • Country Name: Kingdom of Spain and Portugal
  • Capital and largest city: Madrid
  • Other Cities: Lisbon, Porto, Malaga and Gibraltar
  • Religion: Catholicism
  • Languages: Spanish (Main) and Portuguese
  • Ethnic Groups: Hispanic, Black and Asian
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Literacy Rating: 75%
  • Economy: After the global crash in 2005 the Huin dropped and the country became bankrupt. Since then they have been starting to build the economy back up again and in 2016 Spain and Portugal is a growing economic power.
  • Military: 6/10, doesn't need a strong military due to good relations with neighbours)
  • Motto: Plus Ultra (Further Beyond)
  • Anthem: Marcha Real (Royal March)

Wellington (Orwell)

  • Name: Republic of Wellington
  • Capital/Largest City: Mackenzie City
  • Other Cities: Morgantown, Roosevelt. Halley
  • Religion: Protestant Christian, Catholic Christian (Latino minority mainly), Atheist
  • Languages: English (de facto), Spanish (minority)
  • Ethnic Groups: Anglo-Saxon (majority), Southern European/Iberian (minority)
  • Government: Democratic Republic
  • Literacy Rate: 99.9%
  • Currency: Wellingtonian Dollar
  • Population: 101,528
  • Economy: Capitalist Conservative Economy
  • Military: 2/10, fairly modern military for a neutral nation, permanent standing army of 1000 in the Antarctic Defense Treaty, being so far south doesn't mean a big military, Wellingtonian navy is for patrolling the ice sheets and hunting down whale poachers.
  • Anthem: Icy Glory
  • Motto: Distinguished for Endurance

The Levant (Scraw)

  • Name: The Most Serene Kingdom of the Levant
  • Capital: Jerusalem
  • Largest city: Cairo
  • Other Cities: Baghdad, Damascus
  • Religion: Western Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Sunni Muslim
  • Languages: French (de facto), Arabic (majority)
  • Ethnic Groups: Whites, Jews, Arabs
  • Government: Federal constitutional parliamentary monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 99.9%
  • Currency: Levantine dinar
  • Population: 44,550,926
  • Economy: Capitalist
  • Military: 8/10, tense relations with neighbors to the north, east and west.
  • Anthem: Peace in Our Time
  • Motto: United Under God

The St. Lawrence (Orange)

  • Name: People's Republic of the St. Lawrence
  • Capital: Quebec City
  • Largest city: Massachusetts (OTL Boston)
  • Other Cities: Portland, Halifax, Montreal
  • Religion: Secular state
  • Languages: English, French
  • Ethnic Groups: Whites, Native American
  • Government: Marxist–Leninist one-party state
  • Literacy Rate: 97.3%
  • Currency: St. Lawrence dollar
  • Population: 24,925,161
  • Economy: Marxist-Leninist
  • Military: 9/10, aggressive toward other nations.
  • Anthem: State Anthem of the St. Lawrence
  • Motto: Veni vidi vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)

Afghan Empire (Nlenhardt)

  • Name: The Empire of Afghanistan
  • Capital: Kabul
  • Largest City: New Delhi
  • Other Cities: Karachi, Lahore Delhi.
  • Religion: Islam (Sunni), Hindu
  • Languages: Afghan, Hindi, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi
  • Ethnic groups (Major): Afghans, Sindhis, Punjabis, Pashtuns, Balochis, Raja
  • Literacy Rate: 87%
  • Currency: Afghan Rupee
  • Population: 430,987,000
  • Economy: Capitalist
  • Military : 7/10
  • Anthem: Islamistan
  • Motto: God is our objective


Union of Socialist Republics of Slavland (Blocky)

  • Country Name: Slavland / Slavic Union
  • Capital (and Largest City): Moscow
  • Other Cities: Kiev, Chisinau, Tashkent, Astana, Bishkek, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow
  • Religion: 65% None, 10% Roman Catholic, 5% Eastern Orthodox, 20% Islam
  • Language(s): Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish, Moldovan, Kazakh, Tajik, Kyrgyz
  • Ethnic Groups: 75.5% Slavic, 20% Turkic, 4.5% Magyar
  • Government: Marxist-Leninist One-Party State
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Currency: Slavic Ruble
  • Population: Est. 218,226,467
  • Economy: Stagnant Marxist-Leninist economy based around military and generic industry, with some trade ties with agricultural and mining sectors in the east
  • Military Strength: 6/10 - Quantity based army with dated military technologies, not helped by a slowed economy. Army used for self defense only. Regime has control of several nuclear weapons.
  • Anthem: State Anthem of the Slavic Union
  • Motto: Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!

Canada (Epic)

Please create a page for this as soon as possible. You will not be able to join the next turn if you do not. Thank you. ~Tim

  • Note: I can't do the map because I am on mobile so that Canada is non-taken Canada.
  • Country Name: Native Federation of Canada
  • Capital: Whitehorse
  • Other Cities: ?
  • Religion: 70% Native Religions, 10% Unaffiliated, 15% Christianity, and 5% Other
  • Language(s): Native Languages and Inuit
  • Ethnic Groups: 95% Native Americans and 5% English
  • Government: Federation
  • Literacy Rate: 80%
  • Currency: Canadian pound
  • Population: 18.6 million, spread out across the country
  • Economy: Medium strength capitalist economy
  • Military strength: 6/10
  • Anthem: O Canada
  • Motto: Uncolonised we stand

Balhae Republic (Candies)

  • Country-name: Balhae Republic
    • Korean: 대붘한민궄; Daebukhan Minguk
    • Manchu: Балхае Гурун; Balhae Gurun
    • Mandarin: 大北韩民国; Dà běihán mínguó
  • Capital (and largest city): Bukgyeong
  • Other cities: Cheonjin, Seoggajang, Bojeong
  • Religion: 55% Buddhist, 40% Atheist, 4.9% Christian, 0.1% Other
  • Language(s): Korean (official), Manchu and Mandarin (co-official)
  • Ethnic groups: Koreans (60%), Koreans of Chinese descent (33%), Manchu (6.7%), Other (0.3%)
  • Government: Unitary presidential republic
  • Literacy rate: 99.7%
  • Population: 163,683,273
  • Economy: Industrialised, advanced, capitalist based on the production of advanced manufactured goods such as automobiles and electronics. Agriculture and mining sectors are based primarily on its Southern part. Though it is prone to damage to its credit ratings due to bad relations with its neighbour, the Han. A nine.
  • Military strength: A quality-based army with advanced military technologies, though it is used primarily for self-defense as it has implemented laws to regulate its right to declare war. An eight.
  • Anthem: Arirang (아리랑)
  • Motto: Enrich the state, strengthen the military (부궄강병)

Islamic Republic of Arabia

Got2N 16.png

  • Name: Islamic Republic of Arabia
  • Capital: Mecca  
  • Largest city: Isfahan
  • Other Cities: Medina, Riyhad, Theran
  • Religion: 90 Sunni Muslim, nine Shia Islam, one Ziroism
  • Languages:  Arabic (officially) Farsi (officially)
  • Ethnic Groups: Persians, Azeris, Kurds, Bolia, Arabs
  • Government: Islamic Republic
  • Literacy Rate: 95.9%
  • Currency: Islamic dinar
  • Population: A lot
  • Economy: Capitalist with a mix of socialism: works on the oil market by exporting oil from North East Arabia, and arms making in Iran.
  • Military: 8/10, tense relations with neighbors to the west. Known for having religious / nationalist fanatics in the army and known for using Human Wave attacks due to the Population being huge.
  • Anthem: Love for my motherland
  • Motto: Unity is good, Islam for my land and love for my brothers

Hudson Bay Company

  • Name: Hudson Bay Company
  • Capital: Godthab
  • Other Cities: Churchill, Moosonee
  • Note: officially, it only controls Greenland, Churchill, Mooseonee and the OTL Canadian Islands, but it completely economically controls all territory 250 miles inland from the Hudson Bay. The native Federation of Canada specifically put a special zone to recognise this.
  • Religion: 90% Catholic, 10% Muslim
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese
  • Ethnic groups: 7% Arabic, 20% English, 27% Dutch, 6% Portuguese, 10% Celtic, 20% French
  • Government: ruthlessly profit based, like the Dutch East India Company
  • Literacy rate: only the bankers.
  • Currency: any money is good in this place
  • Pop: about 237,123 people, 90% in Godthab. (Official territory only)
  • Economy: see government
  • Military: 4, purely for protecting cargo ships
  • No anthem or motto
  • Can someone please help me with the map. I might have time later but not right now ...

Land already claimed by another nations, you have 24 hours from now to make a new turn. Prince Octavian , of Jerusalem, Sicily and Swabia, and Duke of Amalfi. Coat of Arms of Oct as Duke of Almafi.svg 14:03, July 5, 2016 (UTC)

What land was claimed? Lord Falconis

Churchill and the parts of Canada. ~Oct

I actually worked this out. The company is tributary to Canada. Epic, creator of Canada

I have overturned Oct's decision. The Hudson Bay Company may proceed. However, Lord Falconis, please fix this as soon as possible. There are many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. — T I M (TSWAHMGWContribs) 01:56, July 6, 2016 (UTC)

Neither Canada nor Hudson Bay Company has a map or nation page.

            Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg    SCRAWLAND INVICTUS || REX IMPERATOR   02:43, July 6, 2016 (UTC)

I can't make a map as it says in Canada's entry. Epic

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