Alternative History

Besides the top priority of giving food and medical supplies to the population, national security became the main focus for the governments of Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Thus, in order to avoid future threats by third parties utilizing the superior U.S. military technology, the ANZUS defense pact between the United States, Australia and New Zealand was modified and extended.

The most important part of the agreement is the decision that all remains of the ground, air and naval forces of the U.S. and NATO member states are immediately placed under corporate ANZUS command.

On June 1, 1984, the ANZUS Order 001/1984 was given by the joint ANZUS Head Command set up in Brisbane. This order — today famous as the “Final Gathering” Order — was sent to all units under US command, including those assigned to NATO command. As a result, any allied NATO units were welcome to accompany them to Australian waters. The order required all units capable to do so to set course for Australian, New Zealand and Hawaiian territory, otherwise all surviving units in defined geographical areas were routed to the nearest suitable gathering point to which ANZUS supply convoys were sent.

List of U.S. naval vessels that reported to “The Gathering”

Aircraft Carriers (Nuclear-powered) (1): USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) (now ANZS Commonwealth)

Cruisers (Nuclear-powered) (2): USS Texas (CGN-39), USS Virginia (CGN-38),

Destroyers (5): USS Spruance (DD-963), USS Paul F. Foster (DD-964), USS Kinkaid (DD-965), USS Hewitt (DD-966), USS Elliot (DD-967), USS Lawrence (DDG-4),

Frigates (7): USS Bronstein (FF-1037), USS McCloy (FF-1038), USS Knox (FF-1052), USS Roark (FF-1053), USS Gray (FF-1054), USS Hepburn (FF-1055), USS Connole (FF-1056),

Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines (3): USS Gato (SSN-615), USS Haddock (SSN-621), USS Sturgeon (SSN-637),

Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile Submarines (1): USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN-640)

Surface Support Ships (1): USS Florikan (ASR-9),

Amphibious Transport Ships (2): USS Raleigh (LPD-1), USS Vancouver (LPD-2),

Tank Landing Ships (3): USS Newport (LST-1179) USS Manitowac (LST-1180) USS Sumter (LST-1181)

Ammunition Ships (1): USS Pyro (AE-24),

Combat Stores Ships (1): USS Mars (AFS-1),

Oilers (1): USS Platte (AO-186)

Fast Combat Support Ships (2): USS Seattle (AOE-3), USS Detroit (AOE-4) Replenishment Oilers (2): USS Kansas City (AOR-3), USS Savannah (AOR-4),

Repair Ships (1): USS Vulcan (AR-5),

List of Royal Navy vessels that reported to “The Gathering”

Swiftsure Class, Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines (2):

  • HMS Swiftsure (S-126),
  • HMS Splendid (S-106)

Resolution Class, Nuclear-powered ICBM Submarines (2):

  • HMS Resolution (S22),
  • HMS Revenge (S27)

Churchill Class, Nuclear-powered Attack submarines (1):

  • HMS Conquerer (S48)

Aircraft Carriers (1):

  • HMS Hermes (R12)

Type 42 Destroyer (2):

  • HMS Newcastle (D87),
  • HMS Cardiff (D108)

Type 22 Frigate (2):

  • HMS Battleaxe (F89),
  • HMS Broadsword (F88)

Endurance Class Ice Patrol Vessel (1):

  • HMS Endurance

Royal Navy - Royal Fleet Auxiliary Vessels

Tankers (1):

  • RFA Blue Rover (A270)

Supply Ships (1):

  • RFA Stromness(A344)