The General-admiral (Belgian: Generaal-admiraal) is responsible for Lotharingian defence.
Flag Generaal-admiraliteit V1

Flag of the generaliteit

The General-admiral being a role which combines both naval and army functions as Belgia. This role being the result of rebellions in Guinea and Boulogne, where the army alone was not able to secure the peace. Thus land and sea power combining to combat this rebellion, and ever since the position has proven useful.


The rest of the History starting with Juliaen Dekremer in 1499. Juliaen was born in the 1470s died in 1536. succeeded by his son born in 1498.


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Lotharingian Realm
Name Title Term of office Lifespan Portrait
Juliaen Dekremer Generaal-admiraal Lothiers 1499-1536 1473-1536
Paul Dekremer Generaal-admiraal Lothiers 1536- 1557 1498-1557
Jan Juliaen Dekremer Generaal-admiraal Belgium 1557- ... 1522-15...
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