Alternative History

American General Nomination[]

ACES will not elect their nominee until the American General Convention will be held in 2009 in Panama, Panama.

American Candidates[]

  • Argentina: Christina Fernandez de Kirchnir, President of Argentina
  • Brazil: Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, President of Brazil
  • Canada: Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada
  • Canada: Mel Lastman, former Mayor of Toronto
  • Chile: Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile
  • Colombia: Andres Pastrana Arango, former President of Colombia
  • Costa Rica: Abel Pacheco, former President of Costa Rica
  • El Salvador: Marisol Argueta, Foreign Minister of El Salvador
  • Guatemala: Jose Rafael Espada, Vice President of Guatemala
  • Haiti: Rene Preval, President of Haiti
  • United States: Evan Bayh, Vice President of United States
  • Uruguay: Tabare Vazquez, President of Urugua
  • Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro, Foreign Minister of Venezuela

European General Nomination[]

As the current General Secretary is of the European Group, and the incumbent Secretariat has the right to continue in their nomination, General Secretary Blair has decided to keep on with his term, as did Chancellor Barroso.

European Candidates[]

  • United Kingdom: Tony Blair, General Secretary of the League of Nations