General Ivan Vassiliev (Great Global War)

General Ivan Komer Vassiliev
Born 12 January 1865, Omsk, Russia
Died 5 March 1924, Sofia, Bulgaria
Chairman of the SRB Presidium 31 December 1917-5 March 1924
Political Party/Affiliation Communist Party of Bulgaria
Career General of the Red Army (1917-1924), Commander-in-Chief of the SRB Army (1919-1924)

Starting first as a leader in the 1917 2nd Russian Revolution, General Ivan Vassiliev, was nominated by Secretary Trotsky to lead the attack on Romania and Bulgaria. Launching the Romanian War in early Summer 1917, General Vassiliev was able to rapidly topple Romania's weak monarch, and later walk on Bulgaria. He achieved notoriety in the Sofia siege in autumn-winter 1917. Following Bulgaria's fall, he was nominated by Trotsky as the Chairman of the newly formed Socialist Republic of Bulgaria Presidium. He acted with absolute power, delegating only a little power to General Vladim Karmor, his Secretary-General. Because of his brutality during the 1917 invasion of Bulgaria, he was disliked by the majoirty of the Bulgarian people. When the war against the European Alliance began in 1919, he resumed his miltiary career, joining General Josef Stalin in Serbia. He was assigned to the command of the 1st Army, 19th Corps. Gaining even more notoriety in the invasion of Austria-Hungary in 1920. He was badly wounded on his left leg during the war in Tirol. He was returned to Bulgaria to return to his political career. He was killed by Bulgarian Royalist guerrillas in 1924, follwing the collapse of the Soviet army in the Balkans.

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