Alternative History

This covers all General Secretaries of the Germanic League. They are elected to a six-year term and can only serve one term, this was only changed one time after General Secretary Konrad Adenauer resigned on the request of British Prime Minister Clement Attlee after Germany’s defeat in the Polish-German War to weaken the Germans internationally and this lead to an emergency meeting which chose Jozef-Ernest van Roey as interim General Secretary and was unanimously allowed to serve a second term in 1946.


Name Picture Term began Term ended Previous position Nationality
Konrad Adenauer Konrad Adenauer Portrait.jpg 20 August 1940 13 May 1942 R German Secretary of State German
Jozef-Ernest van Roey Jozef-Ernest van Roey.jpg 13 May 1942 20 August 1952 Cardinal of Belgium (1926-1961) Belgian
Vilhelm Buhl Vilhelm Buhl.jpg 20 August 1952 20 August 1958 Prime Minister of Denmark (1942-1945) Danish
Thor Thors ThorThors.jpeg 20 August 1958 20 August 1964 Icelandic

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Heinz Kissinger YoungHenryKissinger.jpeg 20 August 1964 20 August 1970 German MP German
Grand Duchess Charlotte Grand Duchess Charlotte.jpeg 20 August 1970 20 August 1976 Duchess of Luxembourg Luxembourgish
Sándor Kocsis 56D8B662-B71A-4891-A222-B30410FD518D.jpeg 20 August 1976 20 August 1982 Speaker of the Austrian-Hungarian Parliament Hungarian
Poul Schülter PoulSchülter.jpeg 20 August 1982 20 August 1988 Prime Minister of Denmark Danish
Dries van Agt DriesvanAgt.jpeg 20 August 1988 20 August 1994 Prime Minister of the Netherlands Dutch
Bodil Nyboe Andersen Bodil Nyboe Anders.jpeg 20 August 1994 20 August 2000 Assistant General Secretary Norwegian
Alf Svenson AlfSvenson.jpeg 20 August 2000 20 August 2006 Assistant General Secretary Swedish
Ueli Maurer Ueli Maurer.jpeg 20 August 2006 20 August 2012 Swiss Delegate to the Germanic League Swiss
Raoul Lambert Raoul Lambert.jpeg 20 August 2012 20 August 2018 Football Player Belgian
Katrín Jakobsdóttir KatrínJakobsdóttir.jpeg 20 August 2018 Incumbent Chairman of International Women's Support Icelandic