Genghis Khan, meaning Great King, was the title of the rulers of the Mongol Empire in the 13th Century AD. It is commonly only used to describe the first Genghis Khan, Temujin, but it should be used to describe his successors as well. As the power of the Mongol Empire waned and areas such as the Il-Khanate of Persia broke away from central Mongol control, the leaders eventually took the ordinary title of Khan.

List of Genghis Khans

  • Genghis Khan Temujin - 1206-1227
  • Genghis Khan Ogedei - 1229-1241 (Third son of Temujin)
  • Genghis Khan Guyuk - 1246-1248 (Son of Ogedei)
  • Genghis Khan Mongke - 1251-1259 (Son of Tolui, fourth son of Temujin)
  • Genghis Khan Ariq Boke - 1260-1264 (Brother of Mongke, fought a civil war with Kublai)
  • Genghis Khan Kublai - 1260-1294 (Brother of Mongke and Ariq Boke, last Genghis Khan)
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