The Geography and Climate of New Albion is incredibly varied, given the country's large area.


Land Forms

New Albion has countless mountain ranges of various formation, elevation and climate. The highest point in the country is Fairweather, Anian at 4,663 meters high. There are several other mountains of great height in the Rockies and Sierra Nevada ranges.

New Albion is also notable for its large area of desert. Desert covers most of the southern provinces and much of it is below sea level. The lowest point in the country is Badwater, NC; at 86 meters below sea level.

As a startling contrast, an enormous area of the northern provinces is untouched softwood forests, over half of which is nationally protected.

The densely populated core of the country between Jamestown and the City of New Albion is notable for its position on the St. Andrew Fault, separating the pacific and north american plates. This causes frequent earthquakes, many of which have had devastating effect.


The densely populated core of the country between Jamestown, SC and the City of New Albion is notable for its mediterranean climate. This climate is notable for its mild winters and hot, dry summers; and its vegetation, which is reminiscent of the mediterranean area: Oaks, short grasses, wildflowers, and chaparral.

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New Albion
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