Alternative History
Georges-Herman Dubois
Order 1st Unitary President of the Federation
Term of Office March 1, 1992-February 28, 1997
Date of birth 1942
Place of birth
Party Parti Monarchical-Democratique
(Coalition for States' Rights)

Georges-Herman Dubois (1942- ) was the first Unitary President of the Federation of Texas. He is the younger brother of the current President. The two have long been rivals. Georges-Herman Dubois is currently head of the Parti Monarchical-Democratique of Nouvelle-Louisianne, a member of the Coalition for States' Rights.

He was formerly the 3rd President from Nouvelle-Louisianne (1982-1988), serving in the 7th-9th Presidencies.

Upon the creation of the Unitary Presidency, he stepped forward as a potential presidential candidate, winning his party's nomination. He fought against the centralization of the federation, warning that it would lead to civil war.

He ran for re-election in 1997, but was defeated by his brother.

In 1999, he ran for President of Nouvelle-Louisianne (formerly titled Governor-General), but was defeated.

Preceded by:
President from Nouvelle-Louisianne
Succeeded by:

Preceded by:
11th Presidency of the Federation
President of Texas
Succeeded by:
Jean-Pierre Dubois