— State of the Confederate States of America
Timeline: Concert of Europe
Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001) Seal of Georgia
Flag Seal

"Wisdom, Justice, Moderation" (English)

(and largest city)
Other cities Columbus, Augusta, Macon
Language English
Demonym Georgian
Admission 22 February 1862
Abbreviations GA

Georgia is a state of the Confederate States of America. It is bordered by Florida to its south, Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean to its east, Tennessee to its north, and Alabama to its west. Its geographical makeup is characterized by the Blue Ridge mountains to the north, which slowly degrade into hills before reaching the plain areas on the Atlantic shoreline. Known as the Empire State, Georgia is one of the Confederate states with the strongest economy and industry. It was one of the original states of the Confederacy.

Georgia is one of the fastest growing states of the Confederacy, with a rapidly growing economy based mostly on agriculture, which is quickly modernizing all across the state. The state is an important hub of culture, and its capital city, Atlanta, has many famous theatres, museums and cinemas.

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