Alternative History
Republic of Georgia
Timeline: Failed Continental Congress
Flag of Georgia
Flag of Georgia
(and largest city)
Language English
Government Unitary Republic
President George Wallace
Independence from Britain
  declared 1776
  recognized 1783

Georgia comprises, more or less, OTL US states of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, as well as west Florida and parts of southeastern Louisiana.


Georgia was one of the 13 English colonies that joined the Continental Congress and declared independence in 1776, and the only one of these colonies that have not joined the other former colonies. Georgia was originally established as a monarchy, and claimed all territories south of the 35th parallel with and undefined border in the west and recognizing the existence of Florida, who has returned to Spanish hands.

While Georgian pretensions were opposed to Spanish pretensions on West Florida and Louisiana, there was an agreement between Spanish and Georgian authorities granting Georgians to settle north of the 31st parallel and east of the Perdido river and its meridian.

This did not stop Georgians attempting to settle west of the Perdido River or in East and West Florida. In 1806, the detention by Spanish authorities of several Georgians in West Florida triggered an armed invasion by Georgia.

Spanish naval superiority and St Augustine fortifications proved essential for protecting East Florida and the peninsula. However greater manpower allowed Georgians to control West Florida and the territories between the Perdido and Mississippi Rivers.

In the Mobile Treaty of 1808, Spain ceded the territories between the Apalachicola and the Pearl Rivers (south of the 31st parallel) and all territories East of the Mississippi (north of 31st parallel) to Georgia. On the other hand Georgia recognized Spanish authority over East Florida and the peninsula.

In 1836, the Capital was translated form Augusta to Mobile.

In 1915, a succession crisis in the monarchy provoked the declaration of the republic. There was some kind of functional presidential democracy up to 1950 when the socialist President McCaine was deposed by reactionary General Montgomery a few months before his period of office ended. Three non-elected presidents have governed Georgia had since then: Montgomery, Rodham, and Wallace.


Georgia was the last nation in the Americas to ban slavery. However the slave based economy had declined since the 1880's. In 1947, socialist president McCaine passed an amendment banning slavery. By this time, only three big landowners owned some 50 slaves. Compensations were paid.



The Republic of Georgia limits: North: Virginia. West: Louisiana. South: Gulf of Mexico and Florida. East: Atlantic Ocean.

Administrative divisions

The Republic of Georgia is a unitary republic divided into 14 Districts and the Districts are further divided in Counties, Cities or Communes.

Some of the Districts are:

  • Alabama
  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Florida
  • Mississippi
  • Mobile (Capital District, undivided)
  • Savanah