Alternative History
State of Georgia
Estado de Georgia
Official language English, Spanish
Capital Atlanta
President Alan Vilcheck
Independence 1776 (declared)
1783 (recognized)
Currency Georgian dollar
Peso Georgiano

The State of Georgia was a founding member of the defunct United States of America. It consists of *here*'s states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi (minus the northernmost 12 miles of the same), Florida, and the Caribbean and the Panamanian Isthmus. The title President was adopted for the executive authority in 1831.

The Georgian dollar is referred to as the peso georgiano in Spanish, which is the co-official language due to the acquisition of Spanish territories in the Caribbean.

Georgian Expansionism

In 1815, Georgia acquired Haiti from France for 20 million dollars.

By 1831, Haiti had been depopulated and repopulated, and the Governor of Georgia had been renamed President. Georgia was beginning to see itself as a young power in the Southeast. In 1833, Georgia declared war on Britain, accusing Britain of plotting to destabilize their plantation system. At the end of this war (The War of 1833), Georgia took possession of the Bahamas and Jamaica. The British West Indies remained outside of Georgian control. Many of the black inhabitants were enslaved, and often taken to other parts of the state.

Georgia, fresh off of a major victory over Britain, began feeling particularly confident, and, in 1837, accepted the offer of the Governor of the Mexican separatist province of Yucatán of sovereignty in exchange for assistance with Indian rebels, becoming the District of the Yucatán. This began the Mexican-Georgian War, which had tremendous repurcussions on both nations. Spain and Britain both gave assistance to the Mexican Empire, Spain wishing to stop a potential threat to her colonies, and Britain hoping to avenge herself for her recent defeat. During this War, many of the northern provinces of Mexico rebelled, but Mexico's attentions were directed primarily at Georgia, feeling that the North could wait.

The War ended in Mexico's favor, with Georgia expelled from the Yucatán.

The diverting of Mexico's attention, however, caused her to lose her northern provinces, which became the Kingdom of California, the Federation of New Mexico, and the Republic of Texas. It also made her dependent upon Spain and Britain, and placed her in severe debt to those nations.

Georgia, meanwhile, was angered by her defeat, and became increasingly anti-Europe. The notion developed that Georgia had a destiny to liberate the Caribbean, although it would be some time before this manifested itself in action.

In the meantime, the military gained importance, and the government's authority grew stronger.

Districts of Georgia

  • Old Georgia
  • Yazoo
  • West Florida
  • East Florida
  • Haiti
  • The Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Cuba
  • Puerto Rico
  • Hispaniola
  • Panama
  • West Indies