Deutsche Reichswehr
German Celebration of End of Hostilities in Kazakhstan
German Military celebration of End of Hostilities in Kazakhstan.
Service branches German Army seal German Army

German Marine Corps seal German Marine Corps
German Navy Seal German Navy
German Air Force seal German Air Force
German Coast Guard seal German Coast Guard

Commander-in-Chief Kaiserin Elisabeth Charlotte von Preußen
Verteidigungsminister Konrad Messerschmidt
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Fritz Meyer
Military age 17–45 years old[1]
Available for
military service
42,395,438 males, age 18–49 (2009 est.),
32,415,461 females, age 18–49 (2009 est.)
Fit for
military service
32,167,382 males, age 18–49 (2009 est.),
31,326,287 females, age 18–49 (2009 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
2,582,315 males (2009 est.),
2,213,256 females (2009 est.)
Active personnel 2,216,794 (ranked 2nd)
Reserve personnel 1,563,318
Budget DM 192 billion (FY10)</br>(3rd by total expenditure, 7th as percent of GDP)
Percent of GDP 3.1 (2010 est.)
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Ranks Army officer

Army warrant officer
Army enlisted
Marine Corps officer
Marine Corps warrant officer
Marine Corps enlisted
Navy officer
Navy warrant officer
Navy enlisted
Air Force officer
Air Force enlisted
Coast Guard officer
Coast Guard warrant officer
Coast Guard enlisted

The German Armed Forces are the military charged with defending the German Empire. They are made of the Reichswehr, Reichsmarine, Luftwaffe, and Reichslandmarine.

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