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Emperor of the Germans
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Coat of arms of Germany
Fredrick IV of Prussia and Germany.jpg
Frederick IV
since 26 September 1994
Style His Imperial Majesty
Heir apparent Carl Friedrich, German Crown Prince
First monarch Wilhelm I
Formation 18 January 1871
Residence Stadtschloss, Berlin

The German Emperor (German: Deutscher Kaiser) is the head of state and hereditary ruler of the German Empire.

Germany has a parliamentary system of government in which the Chancellor is the nation's leading political figure and de facto chief executive. However, the Emperor has a role which, while not an executive post, is more than ceremonial. The Emperor has extensive discretion regarding the way they exercise their official duties. The Emperor gives direction to general political and societal debates and has some important "reserve powers" in case of political instability (such as those provided for by Article 81 of the Constitution). Under Article 59 of the Constitution, the Emperor represents the Empire in matters of international law, concludes treaties with foreign states on its behalf and accredits diplomats. Furthermore, all federal laws must be given Imperial Assent by the Emperor before they can come into effect, but usually the Emperor only vetoes a law that he believes to violate the constitution.

The Emperor, by his actions and public appearances, represents the state itself, its existence, its legitimacy, and unity. The Imperial Office involves an integrative role and the control function of upholding the law and the constitution. It is a matter of political tradition – not legal restrictions – that the Emperor generally does not comment routinely on issues in the news, particularly when there is some controversy among the political parties. This distance from day-to-day politics and daily governmental issues allows the Emperor to be a source of clarification, to influence public debate, to voice criticism, offer suggestions and make proposals.

The 6th and current Emperor is Frederick IV, who acceded to the throne on 26 September 1994 upon the death of his grandfather, Louis I.

List of German Emperors

This list is under construction

Portrait Arms Birth
Death Claim
William I
William Frederick Louis
1 January 1871

9 March 1888
Kaiser Wilhelm I. .JPG 22 March 1797
Son of Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia and Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
Charlottenburg Palace
11 June 1829
2 children
9 March 1888
Charlottenburg Palace
aged 90
Frederick III
Frederick William Nicholas Charles
9 March 1888

15 June 1888
Friedrich 3º.jpg 18 October 1831
New Palace, Potsdam
Son of William I and Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
Victoria, Princess Imperial
Ellingham Palace
25 January 1858
8 children
15 June 1888
New Palace, Potsdam
aged 56
Son of William I
William II
Frederick William Victor Albert
15 June 1888

4 June 1941
Bain News Service - The Library of Congress - Kaiser Wilhelm (LOC) (pd).jpg 27 January 1859
Son of Frederick, German Crown Prince and Victoria, Princess Imperial
Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein
27 February 1881
7 children
4 June 1941
aged 82
Son of Frederick III
William III
Frederick William Victor Augustus Ernest
4 June 1941

20 July 1951
William, German Crown Prince.jpg 6 May 1882
Son of William, German Crown Prince and Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein
Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Berlin Cathedral
6 June 1905
6 children
26 July 1951
aged 69
Son of William II
Louis I
Louis Ferdinand Victor Edward Albert Michael Hubert
20 July 1951

26 September 1994
Louis ferdinand c1930.jpg 9 November 1907
Son of William, German Crown Prince and Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia
21 October 1938
7 children
26 September 1994
aged 86
Son of William III
Frederick IV
George Frederick Ferdinand
26 September 1994

Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preußen1, Pour le Merite 2014.JPG 10 June 1976
Son of Louis Ferdinand, German Crown Prince and Countess Donata of Castell-Rüdenhausen
Princess Sophie of Isenburg
Church of Peace, Potsdam
27 August 2011
4 children
age 45
Grandson of Louis I