German rocket ship taking off 1958

The time was 1943 after the construction of the Ho 229 and the colonization of Antarctica germany wanted to expand to the other planets/moon. But recently in this timeline America landed on the moon in 1940. So germany wanted to destroy the moon and make a new one. But they could not get to the moon also japan did not attack Pearl Harbor as America just let them have the Philippines and other islands it owned. It was September of 1943 and japan made an offer to America as an offer to join the axis. Which America Accepted . Quickly after America joined the axis it stoped the trades with Britain. 1944 germany pushes further into USSR and japan from the east. America plans an attack on Ireland. But it was scrapped and they landed in Britain. As germany was trying to design a rocket ship or what they called it: Raketenschiff America who had been on the moon already offered to help but germany denied. Quickly it was the end of the war and Germany thought that if they bought land from America they could use there rocket ships to copy down. But in 1950 japan made there’s own rocket called Rokettoshippu. So the Germans bought the land. Quickly after they bought the land they looked at the American rockets and copied off. German relationship with America worsened and in 1960 they came close to a war. Also in 1961 japan and America broke there alliance. As Germany continued to launch spacecraft into space they remembered the idea of the destruction of the moon but they wanted to go on there first. So they’d launch a lot of rockets to the moon and many others. These rockets had bombs that are way powerful than tsar. And japan on the same day day came with the Germans . It was 4 days after the launch and most of the rockets had landed but some did not yet. 1962 a couple of rockets landed after New Years. After the Germans landed the Japanese had there own vessel and they stayed there to explore but when germany left they put the nukes down and left. When they got back to earth they were surprised that the Japanese were still there. Then they blowed the nuke up immediately after that all the Japanese died. The nukes did a lot of damage.

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