Germania (Chinese World)

Germania refers to the region of Central Europe dominated by peoples speaking West-Germanic languages.

Some people prefer to call Greater Helvetia the territories of Italia plus Helvetia, and even central Gaul, as those territories were once controlled by the Helvetians.


20th Century

Beginning of the 20th Century took place with the founding of the new explored German Arctiv Station "Wilhelm" named in honour of the then Emperor. Woman Rights organisations fought for more rights for woman, but didn't quite achieve it yet. With outbreak of World War I women were needed to work in war needed factories. As the war ended the Woman Rights Movement demanded more power for woman in return for their work during the war. As the politicians of the Reichstag abolished the woman's demand every woman in the reich.



There are seven officially recognized West Germanic languages:

  1. Anglish
  2. Allemanish
  3. Bohemian
  4. Frisian
  5. Hannovrian
  6. Suabian
  7. Yiddish


The Germanic countries are:

  1. Bohemia
  2. Dresden
  3. Hannover
  4. Swabia

Sometimes Helvetia is also counted, given that 1/3 of the population speak Allemanish.

There are also important Germanic minorities in Turkey (Allemanish), Brandenburg (Bohemian and Yiddish), Denmark (Hannovrian), Holland (Frisian and Hannoverian), England (Anglish) and Scotland (Anglish).

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