Alternative History

Germania was part of the Holy Carthage Empire. Germania had formed into the Kingdom of Germania, played an important role of attaining a lot of the Holy Carthage Empire. Due to Nationalism the Kingdom broke away and became officially the Regnum Germaniae, Centered in Augusta Vindelicia in the south.

the regnum germaniae was founded in the division of the frankish empire in late 960 centered around the galloroman population centers made during the expansion the galloromanic peoples.however germania is a pluricultural kingdom having germanic,slavic and turkic peoples in its territory.

the official languages are the German and the Germanic the first one being OTL german by that era, and the last one being a Romanic language evolved from latin speaking peoples that populated germania during the 2 hundred years of frankish ruling.

The language is used by the ruling monarchi and most of the people in southern germania and western germania (Rhin vicinity).

the kingdom became soon an ally of the catholic nations after their independence and became catholic as well.