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Timeline: Cabotia and Brasil
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Low-German
Religion Catholicism
Unofficial, but limited freedom granted
Government Constitutional monarchy
Established 843
Currency Mark

Germany lies in central Europe limiting north with the Baltic and North Seas and Denmark, the west with the Low Countries and France, the south with Bavaria and Austria, and the east with Hungary and Poland.


The Holy Roman Empire was dominated by the Habsburg house from Austria until the male line died out in early 18th century. The three main claimants were the Habsburg related houses from Low Countries, Castile, and Aragon, were opposed by some of the other German principates. After a war of 30 years of changing alliances and the intervention of Denmark, Hungary, and Poland, the Hohenzollern from Brandenburg became elected as Roman Emperors, and they supported prince William of Orange-Habsburg (brother of the king of Low Countries) as the new King of Austria.

The Hohenzollern then begun a period of increased influence on all kingdoms, principalities, duchies, and arch-duchies of the Holy Roman Empire until late 19th century in which Germany, but Austria and Bavaria, was united as a single kingdom and the names "Roman" and "Holy" were definitively dropped.


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