Alternative History
German Confederation
Deutscher Bund

OTL equivalent: Germany
Flag of the German Empire.svg 1799 - 1918
Flag Coat of arms
Gott mit uns
Der Marsch der Deutschen
Official languages German
Demonym German
Government Unitary constitutional monarchy
Currency Reichsmark

The German Confederation or commonly known as Germany, is a sovereign nation that borders France to the west and Russia to the east. The nation borders the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

The 1800's was an altered Germany, as the unification of the Holy Roman Empire states came into effect by German officials. The nation thrived from alliances and imports/exports.

Culturally, the German Confederation has old rulers of the German Confederation in the 1800's, as most of them became important to what the history of Germany came to. Statues and monuments were built in honor of them.

The military is subsequent of the German Navy and the German Army, all of which are used to pledge allegiance to the German throne every year, as well as defend the nation from onslaughts.

Germany remained neutral in the 1800 War, because of economy-wise, the nation wasn't doing good and wanted to increase the economy of the nation, to become an economic powerhouse in Europe.


For history prior before the 1800's, see History of Germany

The uniting of the German Confederation states lead to a united Germany, which the nations conscripted a military and a cultural instinct. The German Confederation remained neutral on the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution, however sending economic aid to the defending nations and condemned the actions of Napoleon.

The nation was focused on rebuilding infrastructure because of the lacking of entrepreneurship. Intentionally, the prime minister produced institutional reforms. Some reforms include the abolishing of feudal restrictions, reduction of power, and other material to increase German economy.