Giovanni Giurati
Timeline: 1861: Historical Failing

Giovanni Giurati
Portrait of Giovanni Giurati

134th Doge of Venice
1923 - 1945

Predecessor Davide Giordano
Successor Provisional Chamber
Born 4 August 1876
Venetie vlag Venice, Venice
Died 6 May 1970
Flag of the Repubblica Romana 1798 Rome, Rome
Profession Politician

Giovanni Battista Giurati (4 August 1876-17 December 1961) was a politician and 134th Doge of Venice, known for his traditionalist, isolationist and expansionist policies and openly supporting Mussolini.

He was elected in 1923 by the Major Council, in order to repress a possible Socialist advance. During WWII, he expanded the Venetian control to Friuli and Trieste.

In 1946, after the establishment of a provisional government, he was exiled to Rome; he lived there until he died in 1970.

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