Points of Divergence

The Points of Divergence are that Stalin gains power, but does not exile nor assassinate Trotsky. He also does not slaughter his opponents, rather he exiles them all to all parts of the Soviet Union to massive labor projects of infrastructure. Stalin also instills more confidence in Comitern, the International Soviet. He plays humble, realizing he can still be strong and feared but gain more ground by bringing his rivals to his side than to eliminate them.

After defeating the Nazis, Stalin sets up Communist parties throughout eastern Europe, but instead of the national governments remaining as puppet states, each is absorbed into a larger Soviet Union.

The domino theory begins to make a Domino Reality, as it absorbs more and more of the world into its Global Soviet Union. Decolonization does not happen fast enough, and Africa, Asia and the Americas find themselves aided by Uncle Joe and the Soviet forces and supplies.


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