Alternative History

God eu Mac̉ is the ATL that happened at the end of the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago. Also known as the One Religion ATL.

A Quick History

The One Religion ATL's main POD is about 10,000 BC (-146 BAU) when the Religions and Languages of the Earth didn't split up, so five nations appear.

  • Usic̉uw (Usikuu) (City of the God) (Europe)
  • Siw (Seughw) (A God's Nation) (Asia Minor)
  • Eib̉-Sic̉ (Aeb-Sik) (Kingdomia) (North Asia)
  • Iw (Iugh) (Land) (South Asia)
  • Unuw-sic̉uwu (Unuu-Sikoowu) (Large Land of God) (Africa)

Eib̉-Sic̉ invaded Iw and Siw, the land being called Iwsiwib (Eugh'seeb) (2,646 BAU), so all of Asia was united, and a battle between Unuw-sic̉uwu and Usic̉uw happened, causing mad disruption throughout South-West Asia (3,175 BAU), and six more nations appear to replace the nation of Iwsiwib.

  • Sinuw (Seenoo) (Middle East) (God city)
  • Cuw (Guu) (Asia Minor) (Town)
  • Usiị (Oosii) (Iranian Peninsula) (Landia)
  • Elec̉ (Elek) (Indian Subcontinent) (River of Souls)
  • Syencuụ (Shenguu) (Tibetan, SE Asian and Korean Peninsulas) (God's warriors)
  • Cac̉aa (Gaka) (Rest of Asia) (Prophet's land)

Eventually after disruption in Unuw-sic̉uwu following the war, Africa and the Sinai Peninsula split into five nations (3,112 BAU).

  • Syeniịc̉ (Sheneek) (North Africa) (Word of God)
  • Siịc̉ (Seek) (West Africa) (Nature of God)
  • C̉ec̉eị (Kekae) (Central & East Africa) (Messenger of God)
  • Sịc̉iịc̉ (Sikeek) (Southern Africa) (Life of God)
  • C̉ịc̉ (Kik) (Originally SE Africa, then Madagascar) (Hope of God)

These 12 nations have been in relative peace, with only two wars occurring in the 'Dark ages' of One Religion ATL, and none at other times. 2000 marked 11,854 BAU, or 4,366 EME (Eme Med Eịm / After Dark Ages).

Topics in God eu Mac̉

Religion and Language