Alternative History

This althistory tells about what happens if Castille conquered Portugal during the Reconquesta and how things will turn out more differently in Europe than it happened in the real timeline.

The Reconquista[]

The Unification of All Spanish Kingdoms[]

During 711, the Muslims invaded Spain. It was the time when most of it were under Muslim rule. Their expansion stopped in 718 by the Battle of Covadonga. As the years past, the control began to lose, as weak rulers took control, and the Berber rebellion took part. As new spread to the surviving Spanish, they became ambitious. The Spanish all want to take this advantage and to drive the Muslims out of the lands.

In 1111, Emperor Alfonso VI of the Kingdom of Castile, and Leon, began to plan an invasion while other Spanish Kingdoms were attacking Muslim Spain as well. A huge army with ten thousand men marched up to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. The Spanish laid siege to the city. The generals planned a blockade by sea and land. In sea, a huge crowd of ships formed a blockade from the ports, preventing fishing or trading to occur. On land, the Spanish dug a big ditch that had sharp spikes and burned farms to perish the city's food supply. Portugal's emperor, Afonso, surrendered the city to the Spanish.

Rise of the Hapsburgs[]

Unification of the British Isles[]

The Colonial Powers[]