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Governorates of Alaska (Russian America)

The 18 governorates of Alaska.

The Governorates of Alaska (Russian: губернии Аляски, gubernii Alyaski) are the top-level constituent entities of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. The nation is currently comprised of 18 governorates, eight of which were established under the Russian Empire.

The constitution of Alaska stipulates that each governorate is to act as sovereign entities that are subordinate to a federal government. In essence, the relationship between the governorates and the national government are akin to such systems of the United States. Since the nation's formation, federal and provincial have been constitutionally and judicially determined.

List of Governorates[]

Flag Governorate ISO GOST Capital Largest City Area Population Map
Flag of Aleutia (Russian America) Aleutia AT АЛЕ Dobroye Soglasiye 61,080 sq vrs
(69,513 km2 • 26,839 sq mi)
94,654 Location of Aleutia (Russian America)
Flag of Baranof (Russian America) Baranof BA БАР Moscow-on-Zmeyka Novospokansk 203,106 sq vrs
(231,147 km2 • 89,247 sq mi)
3,963,320 Location of Baranof (Russian America)
Flag of Bering (Russian America) Bering BE БЕР Tolstoy 204,970 sq vrs
(233,269 km2 • 90,066 sq mi)
348,766 Location of Bering (Russian America)
Flag of Columbia (Russian America) Columbia KO КОЛ Mount Vernon New Westminster 209,144 sq vrs
(238,018 km2 • 91,899 sq mi)
12,098,804 Location of Columbia (Russian America)
Flag of the Far North (Russian America) Far North DS ДАС Truslivy Mys Vrangelya 459,793 sq vrs
(523,273 km2 • 202,037 sq mi)
107,591 Location of the Far North (Russian America)
Flag of Kenai (Russian America) Kenai KE КЕН Vasilyevka Nikolayevsk 94,251 sq vrs
(107,264 km2 • 41,415 sq mi)
1,802,406 Location of Kenai (Russian America)
Flag of Kodiak (Russian America) Kodiak KA КАД Pavlovskaya Gavan 20,739 sq vrs
(23,602 km2 • 9,113 sq mi)
504,623 Location of Kodiak (Russian America)
Flag of New Caledonia (Russian America) New Caledonia NK НОК Terrasny Alekseyevsk 232,089 sq vrs
(264,131 km2 • 101,982 sq mi)
5,012,666 Location of New Caledonia (Russian America)
Flag of Oregon (Russian America) Oregon OR ОРЕ Bogoroditsk Vladikaskady 229,063 sq vrs
(260,688 km2 • 100,652 sq mi)
8,835,919 Location of Oregon (Russian America)
Flag of the Queen Charlotte Islands (Russian America) Queen Charlotte Islands OS КОШ Queen Charlotte City 9,018 sq vrs
(10,263 km2 • 3,963 sq mi)
970,842 Location of the Queen Charlotte Islands (Russian America)
Flag of Shelikof (Russian America) Shelikof SE ШЕЛ Nooshagak 226,849 sq vrs
(258,168 km2 • 99,679 sq mi)
1,002,168 Location of Shelikof (Russian America)
Flag Shoshone SN ШОШ Lesnoy 179,320 sq vrs
(204,077 km2 • 78,795 sq mi)
5,634,863 Location of Shoshone (Russian America)
Flag of Sitka (Russian America) Sitka SI СИТ Zhyuno Telegrafny Ruchey 73,897 sq vrs
(84,099 km2 • 32,471 sq mi)
1,397,821 Location of Sitka (Russian America)
Flag of Sonoma (Russian America) Sonoma SO СОН Yukaya Ross 76,968 sq vrs
(87,595 km2 • 33,821 sq mi)
14,718,984 Location of Sonoma (Russian America)
Flag of Tongass (Russian America) Tongass TO ТОН Orlovo Ketchikan 125,573 sq vrs
(142,910 km2 • 55,178 sq mi)
1,099,770 Location of Tongass (Russian America)
Flag of Vancouver Island Vancouver Island OV ВАН Victoria Nanaimo 30,318 sq vrs
(34,504 km2 • 13,322 sq mi)
2,094,479 Location of Vancouver Island (Russian America)
Flag of Yakutat (Russian America) Yakutat YT ЯКУ Novorossiysk 98,018 sq vrs
(111,551 km2 • 43,070 sq mi)
57,218 Location of Yakutat (Russian America)
Flag of Yukon (Russian America) Yukon YN ЮКО Doroshingrad 334,265 sq vrs
(380,413 km2 • 146,878 sq mi)
2,733,401 Location of Yukon (Russian America)
Flag of Zagoskin (Russian America) Zagoskin ZA ЗАГ Susitna Furugelm 254,475 sq vrs
(289,608 km2 • 111,818 sq mi)
780,679 Location of Zagoskin (Russian America)