This starts in 1453, when the Hundred Year War ended. This is my first AltHistory. Let me know if you like it, and if you don't, tell me what you think could be better, etc. Thanks! :D


France has won the war, but now has control over the British Isles, the whole French Area, and the Netherlands Area. France is now known as Greater France. The only British nation left is Northern Scotland, who is a vassal of France. France only lost a few thousand men and have over 5 million currently. 1454

Epic Polish-Lithuanian Reconquest of Novgorod

Poland-Lithuania starts reconquest of the Russian Country, Novgorod. Ryasan, Pskov and Muscovy help Novgorod, where Prussia, Bohemia, and Brandenburg help the Polish-Lithuanians. The Russians are losing at first, and Pskov falls within a few months to the Prussians.Livonia then joins the Russians and attacks Prussia. Poland-Lithuania nearly completely take over Ryazan before Muscovy-Ryasan is formed with the remaining Ryasan lands to the east. After this, Poland-Lithuania is attacked and defeated numerous times. It breaks up and Lithuania drops out of the war, and only has some southern lands that border Hungary and Moldavia left. Prussia drops out of the war after the break up and Poland is soon defeated, resulting in Brandenburg to surrender. Bohemia was then taken by Muscovy-Ryasan and the war is over resulting in defeat for Poland-Lithuania. Short Moldavian-Hungarian War of Aggression Against Lithuania

Shortly after the Reconquest of Novgorod ended, Moldavia-Hungary was formed to defeat the remains of Lithuania. This war lasted only a few days resulting in Lithuania being annexed into Moldavia-Hungary.

Long Greater French War of Conquest Against Aragon

A few months later, near the end of 1454, Greater France declares war of conquest against Aragon. Greater France is backed by Scotland and Castille, where Aragon is backed by Portugal and Naples. France is getting no where at first, and Castille is surrounded by enemies. And Scotland is way too far away to provide support, but provide the French and Castillians with ships and supply weapons. Eventually, Greater France breaks the Aragonian lines, and take Aragon, along with it's islands near Italy and Africa. Unfortunately, Castille is defeated by Portugal, and Greater France and Portugal have a long series of battles along the borders, while Naples conducts hit and run attacks on the islands. Finally, France deplete's Portugal's manpower, and storms their land, taking it over. France then sails across the sea to Naples, and quickly storms them, and takes over their land.

Short Italian Reconquest of Greater France

Shortly after France took over Naples, the Italian States united under the Italian Flag, and declared war on Greater France. The remaining troops still in Italy have little resistance against the Italians and quickly took them over.


Short Prussian War of Aggression Against Brandenburg

By the start of 1455, Prussia had declared war on Brandenburg and with its powerful armies, it took it over within a few weeks.

The HRE has formed Germany, and recruited Prussia into its ranks. Greater France is now known as the French Empire, and Muscovy-Ryasan is known now as the Muscovite Empire. Greater France and Germany form an alliance, and the Muscovite Empire allies and merges with the Golden Horde.

Epic Moldavian-Hungarian Wars of Conquest

By the middle of the year, Moldavia-Hungary had declared war on a bunch of countries in the Greek-Turkey-Middle East area. They had no problem exterminating the small Greek countries, but had a bad time trying to take over the Turkish-Middle Eastern area, but they did it.

Europe, 1455.

A map of the world, 1455

Moldavia-Hungary was now known as the Hungarian Empire, and had taken the remaining small countries in Europe. The Five Great Powers were fully formed. (The French Empire, Germany, The Muscovite Empire, The Hungarian Empire, and the Kingdom of Denmark). The French Empire had secured an Alliance with Germany, but the Muscovite Empire had no allies, and KoD (Kingdom of Denmark) with the Hungarian Empire, remained Neutral. An African Country was formed from the North African countries to form the United North African Nations. (UNAN)


This year was a year of calmness. No wars were currently going on in Europe, and everything was just fine and dandy. The French Empire started trade with the UNAN, and due to this, they discovered an African ship from there that had claimed to find a "Very large island" to the West. Due to this, a man name Jean-Claude De Luc was sent with the African sailor and indeed found a large island... America. They made their journey back, and informed France. France immediately started exploring in that direction. Meanwhile, tensions with the Germans, Danish, and Hungarians grew. Germany claimed to have land in the Kingdom of Denmark, and the Hungarian Empire. The Hungarians then allied with the Muscovite Empire.


The Grand World War of Conquest and Reconquest

Germany has had enough and declared war on both empires, with France backing them up, while Denmark has no one to back them up but Hungary has Muscovy to help. UNAN helps France and Germany as well. Millions of troops pour onto battlefields across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. UNAN quickly forms the United African Nations, after all of Africa has joined the UNAN, it can't named the United NORTH African Nations, hence the UAN. New information pops up from African Spies. Hungary and Muscovy have taken to Asia, where a United Asian Union was already. They were called to war, and had already colonized the Western Americas. Now battles against the UAU and the French Empire are happening in the Americas, and this little war for a little bit of land for Germany has turned into a World War. The Native Americans, whom had met the UAU first, and had great relations with, attacked the French. The Kingdom of Denmark falls within months, and Hungary is pushed out of Europe by the Germans. The Muscovite Empire forms Russia. France then merges with Germany to form the Grand French Empire. They quickly destroy the Hungarians, and they, along with the UAN, get a hit at the UAU, forcing their forces to withdraw from America, letting the Grand French Empire to have a swift victory against the Native Americans. The UAN merge with the Grand French Empire (GFE). France is now a major world power and has to defeat the UAU and Russia.


The Grand French-Russian World War.

The war starts after the UAN merge with the GFE at the end of 1457. The Russians direct attention to the UAU, and so does the Grand French Empire.
Europe, 1458

A map of Europe, 1458. Obviously, France has grown very large within the last few years, and Russia has formed and shrunk.

The UAU falls within a couple of months because a majority of it's troops are in America still, and it relied too heavily on the Hungarians. Now the GFE is focused on the Russian Empire, which has been conserving it's millions of troops in defense. The battles along their borders are long and non-stop. But soon, someone has to win and lose...


The End of the Grand French-Russian World War

And so, this story ends, and hopefully, you've learned your lesson...

Russian Flag Above Paris

Russian Empire flag being placed on the Eiffel Tower, 1459, Paris

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A French Flag sails through every city in the world, the French have won total domination of the world

France has won this long war.

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