Grand Sultante of the Mashriq
الكبرى سلطنة المشرق
Sulṭanat-akbār al-Māshrīk
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, West Arabia
Flag Coat of Arms
Mashriqi Crescent Mashriqi Rub el Hizb

لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله
("There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah")

Capital Cairo
Largest city Alexandria
Other cities Baghdad, Damascus, Aleppo, Mecca, Jerusalem, Medina
  others Latin (lingua franca)
Ethnic Groups
  others Turkish, Nubian
Demonym Mashriqi
Legislature Shura Council
Grand Sultan Ahmed-ad-Din Yusuf
  Royal house: Burji
Grand Vizier TBD
Area 3,531,450 km²
Population 12,500,000 
Established Muharram 1, 848 AH

April 20, 1444 AD
from Mamluk Sultanate

Currency Mashriqi Dinar
Pegged to Venetian Ducat

The Grand Sultanate of the Mashriq (Arabic: الكبرى سلطنة المشرق or Sulṭanat-akbār al-Māshrīk) was a regional power, with its capital at Cairo, which was comprised of the Sultanates of Egypt, Syria, Arabia, and Mesopotamia. The Mashriq, as the nation is often called, also controlled Iritriya, and had influence over al-Sumal, after helping establish that nation in the early 1400s. The Sultanate was also in a Personal Union with the Hafsid Sultanate of Tunisia at its pre-collapse peak. Ahmed-ad-Din Yusuf, was the last Grand Sultan of the Mashriq.

The Grand Sultanate of the Mashriq was the direct descendent of the Burji Mamluk Sultanate and the Jalayirid Sultanate of Mesopotamia, and occupied the lands once occupied by these two Burji states.


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The Grand Sultanate of the Mashriq was


All lands once owned by the Mashriq

Government and Administration






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