Grand Union is a collaborative TL between Upvoteanthology and LightningLynx89. Grand Union is influenced by the famous timeline on this wiki called Superpowers. Instead of the four Superpower states in Superpowers and the six other smaller nations of the world. Grand Union has a total of sixteen large great powers, all of varying sizes, strength, cultures, and histories.

A Note on Credits

Ever since I wrote that article for Mitro's blog, people have been constantly thinking that I'm the sole writer of this timeline. However, this is not true whatsoever. My friend LightningLynx89 here writes most of the Egyptian, Chinese, and European things, while I do the smaller parts (Anatolia, Persia, Macedonia, and the Aztecs) and make most of the maps (he made the one below). So please, just know that I'm not the sole maker of this timeline, even though I'm still pretty damn fly! Also, please leave a message on my talk page if you like the TL or have ideas on how to improve it, we're open to suggestions! ~ Upvoteanthology

Point of Divergence(s)

GU Union Map 2.0.png

The world of Grand Union diverges many times from the world we know. Many that occur within the ancient era and many that occur after the end of the ancient era.

  1. 3100 BCE: Pharaoh Narmer the great unifier of Egypt's son Hor-Aha is born, and is blessed by a priest after birth and is given the title of "First Born Unifier". With the title, Narmer and his consort Neithhotep prepare Hor-Aha to rule Egypt after his death. Their efforts paid off and Hor-Aha becomes one of the great Egyptian pharaohs, expanding and promoting technological advances in Egypt.
  2. 700 BCE: The northern kingdoms of Iberia unite to fight back against expanding Celtic raiders across Europa, and after defending against the raiders as a tightly-knit confederation, they decide to remain united instead of reverting to fractured independent kingdoms.
  3. 210 BCE: A young Tenochtitlan heir, Moquihuix is born and quickly becomes an exceptional tactician and leader, and later unites the people of the Texcoco Valley.
  4. 50 CE: Maori peoples land on the continent of Aoteroa and begin setting up communities on the continent.


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