The great baltic rebelion of 1923
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Date 1923 - 1925
Location United Baltic Duchy,Spillover into Courland
Result Government victory
  • Latvian and Estonian Rebelions crushed by goverment forces
Flag of LatviaRepublic of Latvia

Flag of EstoniaRepublic of Estonia

United Baltic Duchy flagUnited Baltic Duchy

German Empire flagGerman Empire

Flag of Courland (state)Duchy of Courland

Commanders and leaders
Flag of EstoniaJohan Laidoner

Flag of LatviaJānis Balodis

German Empire flagRüdiger von der Goltz

United Baltic Duchy flagNikolai von Glehn
Flag of Courland (state)August Von mackensen

19 march 1923, 12,340

1 january 1925, 190,000

19 march 1923, 50,500

1 january 1925, 250,000

Casualties and losses
67,870 killed

40,000 injured

78,800 killed

90,000 wounded


The great baltic rebelion of 1923 was a nation-wide rebellion against the United baltic Duchy and its german nobility which lasted from 19 march 1923 to 19 march 1923.


Start of the Revulotion

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