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Earth in 2012

In this timeline, many great empires did not collapse. The Native American Empires as the Aztec Empire and Incan Empire resisted colonization attemps from Europe. African nations as the Songhai Empire, Kingdom of Kongo, Kenopia and Morocco prospored and resisted colonization attempts. In Asia the Khmer Empire, Mughal Empire, Mongol Empire and Tibetan Empire dominated Asia for centuries, and resisted and expelled European colonization. In the Middle-East the Abbasid Caliphate defeated the Mongols in the Siege of Baghdad and never collapsed and they eventually reconquered lost lands. However some lands were still colonized by Europe; Brazil, Oceania, some parts of Africa and all of Northern America. In Europe the Holy Roman Empire never collapsed, thus WWI and WWII never took place and the Georgian and Byzantine Empires merged into the new Roman Empire. As such, the Ottoman Empire never came into existence. The weakened Mongols tried to destroy the Kingdoms of Poland and Hungary, but were pushed back with the help of the Roman Empire. Today many empires still stand and have monarchies, but still, many countries are Republics and democracy is rising. In addition to nations of Earth, there exist hundreds of millions of planets in the universe where sentient life is present. Earth is controlled by High King Joash III 


Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was founded by Augustus Caesar in 27 BC. Soon, it became one the leading powers of the world, covering more then 6,000,000 km2. The empire came under assault from invading tribes as the Germanic tribes and the Huns. It was split into the Western Roman Empire that collapsed in 476 and the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire). The Byzantine Empire became the Roman empire again when it conquered Rome. The Roman Empire is today a major power and important nation.

Holy Roman Empire

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Empire of China

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The Empire of China was founded by Empress Wu Zetian in 665 when she was crowned Empress regnant of the Second Zhou Dynasty and abolished the Tang Dynasty. The empire was conquered by Genghis Khan in 1220 and refounded by Shao Zhou in 1961. Today China is one of the world's rising nations and if it the growth rate of the economy remains constant,then it will become the world's leading power by 2020.

Tibetan Empire

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The Tibetan Empire was founded by Songtsen Gampo in 605 AD. He started with the expansion of his kingdom outside of Lhasa, conquering Kham, Ü-Tsang and Amdo. The Empire reached its zenith under Empress Yangchen the Great. The Tibetan Empire was occupied by the Mongol Empire from 1241 to 1262, but was liberated by Siddhartha Gampo. Tibet lost territories from this point to the present.The Tibetan Empire now covers Greater Tibet, Kashmir, Xinjiang, Tarim, Sogdiana and Tajikistan and is the last standing Absolute theocratic monarchy in the world and one of few remaining countries with an emperor. Tibet is now a member of the United Nations, the fourth largest economy on Earth and one of the most important nations. But while India and China are rising as global powers, Tibet is slowly crumbling as their economy grows slowly...

Khmer Empire

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The Khmer Empire was founded by king Jayavarman II in 802 AD. He declared independence from the Srivijaya Empire and conquered parts of Kampuchea, Laos and Vietnam. The Golden Age of the Khmer Empire came when Suryavarman II the Great ascended the throne. He expanded the empire to all of Mainland Southeast Asia and an empire which covers more then 2,500,000 km2. Over the next centuries the empire resisted several attempts of European nations to colonize it. Today, the empire has the third largest economy on Earth with a great population. If the trend continues then it will remain one of the world's leading powers...

Empire of Nusantara

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Nusantara is a thalassocratic archipelagic empire situated in South East Asia and an important nation founded in 1293 by Raden Wijaya.

Hindustani Empire

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The Hindustani Empire, better known as India is a country in South Asia, a Great Power and a rising superpower.


Abbasid Caliphate

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Shajar al-Durr was Sultana of the Mamluk Sultanate. She was forced to abdicate because she was a woman,she refused. The local authorities tried to put her in jail,she could only fled,she fled Egypt and swore to have revenge. She fled to the Eastern Sahara and founded the city of Medina al-Sahra. She founded the Sultanate of Kenopia,she slowly gained more power as her kingdom growed. In 1470,she gathered all her troops and marched towards the city of al-Qahira (Cairo). The Mamluk Sultanate was unprepared for the attack and chaos emerged. She stormed to the palace and killed Sultan Baibars,in the aftermath she declared herself Calipha of the Islam.


Aztec Empire

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The Aztec Empire is a Native American Empire in North America, it was was founded in 1345 by Tenoch and is a major world power today.

Inca Empire

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The Inca Empire is a Native American Empire in South America, founded by Manco Capac in the 13th century. It is a major power in South America and a fast growing economy and power.

Extraterrestrial nations

United Planets

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The United Republic of Planets is a nation existing in the Milky Way, Andromeda and Kolorosia Galaxies, controlling millions of star systems. It is one of the largest nations in the known universe.


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