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Great Lakes Union
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Michigan state, southern Ontario
GLU Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Great Lakes Union
Capital Detroit
Largest city Toronto
Other cities Ottawa
Language English
Religion Christian, Jewish, Muslim
Demonym Lakesian, Laker, Glude
Government Direct democracy
High Director
Population 17,541,329 
Independence from United States of America, Canada
Currency Great Lakes Dollar (GLD)
The Great Lakes Union is a nation that controls the lands around the five Great Lakes. It was formed in the aftermath of the collapse of the United States. The government of Michigan issued a state of emergency and many people were evacuated from the Upper Peninsula in fear that the devastation from Yellowstone would spread to the area. However, this did not happen, although the climate of the area changed drastically. Winter started in mid November and ended early into April. These changes also spread to southern Canada and the states along the Mississippi. After the collapse of British rule in Canada, southern Ontario applied to unite with Michigan in 1943. The Great Lakes Union was formed from this. The capital was also situated in Detroit, due to its centricity and distance from the disaster zone. The Union currently dominates the former Midwestern economic zone and is one of the more stable nations of the region.
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