Great Northern War
Part of the Innu Unification Wars
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First Battle of Ishtuashu; Battle of Apishishtikueiashu; Battle of Utenau-Namunauat; Second Battle of Ishtuashu

Date 1528 to 1544
Location Naskapi, Gulf of Naneuepanuat, Mi'kmaq, Tshissekauassi
Result Innu Unconditional Victory
  • Thule Empire dissolved into pre-personal union states
  • Formation of Nunavik, Kalaallit Nunaat, and Nunavut
  • Innu Capture of Naskapi and mainland Dorset
ThuleFlag 1.png Thule Empire

Mi'kmaq (1528-1536)


Flag of Nitasina.png Nitasina

Moose Cree
Kalaallit (1537-1544)

The Great Northern War was a war fought between the Anti-Innu Coalition (AIC) and the Eastern Alliance of Quebec (MUN or sometimes EAQ). First between the Thule Empire (founder of AIC) and Nitasina (founder of MUN) over Naskapi, it grew into a conflict engulfing most of the northeastern old world.


After a small succession crisis in the Thule empire, Nitasina began mobilizing against the Thule empire in a chance to retake Naskapi, lost in the Thule-Naskapi War. This didn't result into anything for the next five years, with Nitasina getting ready for war, but not officially declaring it.

In 1528 Kumaglak of the Thule launched a preemptive strike against the Innu. At first the Thule gained the upper hand, going as far south as Ishtuashu and taking the city in the First Battle of Ishtuashu, and the Mi'kmaq (an ally of the Thule) advanced into Nitasina through a naval invasion. However, after regaining strength, Nitasina was able to repulse the Thule back to Ishtuashu and take the city (in the second battle of Ishtuashu), go further into Thule territory, and push the Mi'kmaq out of the south. The next few years saw the Mi'kmaq drop out of the war in 1536, leading to Kalaallit Nunaat, one of the four nations comprising of the personal unions making up the Thule, to declare independence under Aassanaaq.

After a series of decisive Innu victories, Kuujjuaq itself was besieged and fell to the Innu forces. After losing their core territory, most of the Thule empire fell apart, forming Nunavik, Kalaallit Nunaat, and Nunavut as independent states. This resulted in what is considered the Thule unconditional surrender to Innu forces.

Nunavik was soon invaded after the fall of Kuujjuaq, and soon the entire peninsula was united under Nitasina.

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