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Great Northern War
Principia Moderni III
Date 1401 - 1403
Location Russia, Pomerania, Jutland, Poland

Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Pskov
Great Perm

Supported by:
Novgorod flag pm3 Novgorod Republic

Flag of the Kalmar Union Kalmar Union
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Flag of Norway Norway
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden

Alex K Kingdom of Poland-flag Poland
Alex K Grundwald flags 1410-03 Lithuania

Golden Horde flag 1339 Golden Horde

The Great Northern War, also known as the War for Muscovy and the Lithuanian War For Muscovy, was a major conflict fought primarily in the nation of Muscovy, against the invading nations of the Kalmar Union, Poland, Lithuania, and the Golden Horde.

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