Alternative History

A world where the Ottoman Empire and Poland-Lithuania are most powerful nations on Europe. A world where North America is divided between Mexico and Quebec and were Africa has never seen a depredatory colonialism. This is the world of the timeline Great Poland.

The main differences from our world are:

  • The Ottoman Empire stays as Mediterranean's more powerful nation.
  • Poland-Lithuania is the more powerful nation in Europe; occupying somehow Germany's place in industry, culture and technology.
  • North America is almost completely Latino: half Hispanic (Mexico) and half French (Quebec & Lousianne; with Russian and Japanese settlements to the west and English and Swedish peoples in the east.
  • One world war occurred (very original in this page) that lasted 23 years spanning from 1899 to 1928.
  • Siam, in an internal and pacific revolution takes the place of Japan's in OTL (technology, culture, etc)
  • India is never fully colonized. However, a dominant nation appears: the Maratha League. Several other states dot the Indian subcontinent.
  • Russia, expanding east earlier than in OTL (due to loses with the poles), goes to war several times with China and Japan.

A series of main events creates this world, a bit different from ours:

  • Lepanto Battle and the Kahlenberg Battle (Battle of Vienna) are lost by the pope's armies, allowing a further Ottoman advance on Europe (in part because Poland didn't participate).
  • After losing Vienna, the Roman-Germanic Empire collapsed with many local rebellions, making Poland and the Netherlands to absorb many provinces.
  • Gustaf II Adolf from Sweden is assassinated, thus he never took his country to the Thirty Years War and never gained power to become the Great Swedish Empire.
  • Poland-Lithuania gains the complete control of the Baltic after a short war with Russia, Sweden and Denmark (gaining Ingria, Latvia, Karelia and Estonia), thus allowing the Polish Commonwealth to expand further west and making the Russians to expand to east much early.
  • With an Italic Peninsula under Ottoman Control (Lombardy and Venetia as provinces and the rest as a puppet state), France and Spain dispute their right to own the papacy.
  • In a war between Catholics and Protestants, France wins all British possessions in North America except for New York.


Time Line by Ed9306