The Great War was a war that started only because of a small border conflict. Other countries take their chance to win back territory and the war escalates.


November: When Germany fails to respond to the urge by the Prime Minister of Russia to remove remove active troops near the Russian Border, Russia declares war.

December: Durken Petersburg leads a very large Russian offensive of more than 50,000 men straight into Eastern Prussia. Trenches are dug 20 miles into German territory.


After Russia dug the first trench, Russia and Germany created the first front: The Baltic Front. The Baltic front took place on the German-Russian border. When America joins Russia and gets permission from France to attack Germany from the west, America digs in at the Rhine River, which ended up creating the Rhine Front. Austria-Hungary and its ally Serbia (See Franz Lives!) invade Russia near the Black Sea, creating the Black Sea Front, and dig in around the Volga River, and are very eager to get at the Wheat Farms and Coal Mines.


Austria-Hungary slips around a massive Russian defensive at the Black Sea Front, and heads straight for Volgograd expecting little resistance, but are stopped after 15 miles of traveling by reinforcements. China joins Russia, and Japan joins Germany. China tries to invades Korea, but Japan responds with an attack on Shanghai, both countries keep counter-attacking each other.


A Russian offensive pulls Russia farther into German territory, where German reinforcements close in on them from where they came from. America sends bombers for Berlin, but are shot down with their gunners by anti-aircraft guns just after they enter the city limits. Romania joins Russia and tries to invade Serbia, but is horribly unsuccessful. The Prime Minister of Russia tells the Romanian leader they should delay and weaken a large Austro-Hungarian offensive heading for Russia.


A massive naval battle in the Yellow Sea occurs, with China and Japan. Many missiles and torpedoes are fired towards the ships, but in they end all 34 Chinese ships and all but 2 35 Japanese ships are sunk. A massive German defensive pushes back Americans and Russians back miles on both fronts. It was one of Germany's last stands. Mexico invades USA, but is barely able to capture Corpus Christi before furious Texans crush the invaders.


A peace treaty is signed between the Black Atlantic Pact of Romania, Russia, and America and the Triple Power Agreement with Serbia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany. America signs another weeks later with Mexico.

Romania wins back all of Transylvania, and Korea becomes independent from Japan and China.

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