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The "Great White South" of Antarctica.

Due to its extremely cold climate and location on the pole, it's hard for many to consider the southernmost continent of Antarctica as anything other than the home of cute little penguins. Antarctica's lack of global significance has quite literally pushed the continent to the bottom of maps and, in some cases, wiped off the map. It's hard to imagine that underneath all that ice is a continent which is larger than Europe that was not always covered in ice. It's believed that Antarctica was completely ice free several million years ago, yet froze to its current state we know today.

But let's try to imagine a world where Antarctica isn't a frozen desert. What if Antarctica were a habitable continent by today? How different would the ecology and geography of the continent be? Would early man come stumble across and settle here centuries earlier? How would this continent affect the world we live in today? What if we were all welcomed to the Great White South?

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