Alternative History


  • 1944: Sensing a shocking Allied defeat the Commonwealth of Australia declares independence from Great Britain. On October 5 1944, Great Britain recognises the independent state of Australia.
  • 1945: After the conclusion of World War 2 The Republic of Australia is struggling to put together a firm, stable new government. In the seven months since independence, Australia has not elected a new President and the country is still controlled by the Prime Minister, who has abolished the Governor Generals Post.
  • 1947: The Greater Australian Union is formed after three years of "The Republic of Australia". After winning in a landslide emergency election Piotr der Withers abolishes all traces of Australia prior to his election and names himself Chief Minister and Head of The Greater Australian Union.
  • Greater Australian Union (Also known as, GAU, Union or Australian Union) begins to expand its territories. Conquering New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia, Adolf Hitler, Führer of Greater German Reich provides arms to GAU.
  • 1955: After eight years The GAU has taken over all of the Oceania and South Africa.