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Kingdom of Greater Carolina
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OuterBanksFlag 20120122162503!OADF Roundel
Flag Coat of Arms

Looking Straight Ahead
("Looking Straight Ahead")

Anthem "Good Ol' Carolinia"
Capital Charleston
Largest city Charleston
Other cities Kitty Hawk, Wilmington
Language Carolinian English
  others Christianity
Ethnic Groups
White (93%)
  others Native Americans (7%)
Demonym Carolinian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Mark McCrory
Currency Carolinia Coin
Time Zone EST

The Kingdom of Greater Carolina, is a constitutional monarchy comprised of the OTL coastal areas of North Carolina and South Carolina formed by the Unification Treaty signed in 1933.



See the history of North Carolina

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Post Chaos

After the United States descending into chaos, the US states of and South Carolina were unable to control themselves, descending into chaos slowly and painfully. After the state had collapsed, many of the living in the former states flocked to the countryside to escape the chaos in the cities of Kitty Hawk, Charleston and Wilmington.

After the chaos calmed down, the people were already in crisis; there was no government or order to stabilize themselves. Provisional governments were founded, taking control of the areas that were important areas of society (Ex. universities, small towns, corporations). Until order was able to come. However the state governments were never reformed, mostly due to the lack if power by the United States government to do so. While waiting, different types of governments rose, mainly dictatorships with a crazed expansionist leader. However, only the few strongly supported groups rose. An infamous militia of this type was know as the Order of Chareston. Another one of these groups was the Smith Dynasty, a Constitutional Monarchy that passed power into one another peacefully.

As the fighting continued between the other groups, the Smith Dynasty consolidated their power, mostly improving agriculture to feed themselves and their surrounding population. Once the Kingdom was able to take care of trade, they purchased military weapons with their extra money, eventually launching the First Unification War of Greater Carolina. The war resulted in a decisive victory for the Smith Dynasty having now all of the control of North and South Carolina, only with the Order of Charleston controlling land to the south.


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