Alternative History
Republic of the Greater Chile
Republica del Chile Grande
Timeline: 2009: 2nd American Revolution
Flag Seal
Flag Seal
Location of Greater Chile
Location of Greater Chile
(and largest city)
Santiago de Chile
Religion Catholicism
Demonym Chilean
Government Unitary Presidential Democratic Republic
President Jovino Novoa
Currency Peso Chileno

Greater Chile (Republic of the Greater Chile) is a country in South America. Is one of few not socialist countries that exist in the world.



Jovino Novoa, new President of Chile elect by the Congress

At the beginning, most of South America supports the "New American revolution" of the President Obama (with exception of Colombia and Peru).

However, in Chile, the corruption in his government, force to Michelle Bachelet to resign. Some days later, Jovino Novoa (President of the Senate) is elect by the National Congress for to assume the presidency.

Argentine, Bolivian and Peruvian Civil Wars[]

In Argentina and Peru, war between Revolutionaries and the governments with support from Landholders and others powerful groups in this countries, on February, 2009. Socialist Bolivian Government fights against the Santa Cruz independentist movement.

Operation Scorpion[]

Socialist Revolution in Chile fails by action of the Chilean Army.

Operation Andes: Chilean expansion[]

Pacification of the countries in civil war.



Administrative Division[]


  • North: Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador.
  • West: Pacific Ocean.
  • South: South Pole.
  • East: Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Atlantic Ocean.