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OTL, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panamá have a great potential together, and they once were a single republic, currently known as Great Colombia.

This is an exploration on how that republic, then known as Colombia (today as Great Colombia to differentiate it from the current Republic of Colombia), would have survived and maximized her potential.

OTL Venezuela resigned the union in 1828, giving the rivalry between Caracas and Bogotá and triggered by the Bolivarian Constitution that Bolívar wrote for Bolivia. The POD begins in Guayaquil, in 1822. Bolivar meets San Martin and they decide to co-operate in freeing South America from the Spanish. With this support in the Peruvian campaign, Bolívar is freer to keep Colombia together and prevented from writing his Bolivarian Constitution.

This timeline is proposed by Chlewey.


In a meeting held with Simón Bolivar in Guayaquil, the 26th July, 1822, San Martín manages to convince Bolívar that with his support in Chile and in the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata, the idea of a united Hispanic-America would be possible. San Martín agrees, however, in letting Bolívar free road to free the Peruvian Andes and Upper Peru.



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