1. Everything must be realistic - plausible. Don't make it another alien space bat game.
  2. The starting year is 1935.
  3. Only mod shall declare the next turn.
  4. If you have a question, post it on the talk page.
  5. You must use algorithm, when you invade another nation, shall it be NPC or Player(see Useful Links).
  6. One day in real life = one month ingame. There is an exception, that mods may start new turn if desired. A turn may also be postponed for the next day, or even a week after, depending on the mod's real life activities.
  7. You must add your nation to the Diplomacy Page(See Useful Links).
  8. You can't take over the whole major-power nation in one turn. You will be fighting for specific regions, for example, Stalingrad Region in one counting of turn.
  9. You are considered inactive after five turns of not posting something about your country, or not contacting me, that you're going on leave.
  10. You can become a major power, if: a) Neutral Moderator makes you one. b) When your territory is big enough to be actually considered big. c) If you win five wars in a row.
  11. Dropping nukes: Only one nuke per month. You can drop it on one city. Then, the population of that city will be taken and put into random org as a max value. The generated random number will mean the number of people killed. This may affect the population bonus during the wars with someone. However, only mods can do these's. First nukes available: 1945, January, no matter how much you invest in technology.
  12. If you want to unite a country to yours(best way): 1) Send your party to them. 2) Ask a moderator to do a RNG for your party, how many votes would it receive. 3) Wait a few years. 4) Ask a mod to do a RNG if the country would agree to unite with yours. 5) One unification per two years.

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Europe & Middle East

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  • Soviet Union -
  • France - 
  • Great Britain - 
  • Hungary - 
  • Switzerland - 
  • Greece - 
  • Turkey -
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  • Netherlands - 
  • Austria - Flag of Russian Alaska (HR) OCT MARIUS, HAIL HIM Flag of Italy (Federalist Italy)
  • Romania - 


Asia, Africa & Others

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