In 2008 Al-Qaeda in Iraq launches attacks from Syria and Lebanon and soon US forces are forced to invade them. However, this persuades Iran to intervene and soon it becomes much more bloody.

Jihad in Iraq

The invasion and liberation of Ba'athist Iraq was a complete success and small amounts of militant Ba'athist remained which would easily be hunted and eliminated. However, the U.S and her allies now faced a more difficult challenge from the freed Iraqi people themselves. They now faced a much stronger insurgency from the populations of Iraq that could not easily be quelled and put down. The Sunni and Shiite tribes and people began to arm themselves, forming organisations they began to target coalition forces. Al-Qaeda took its advantage to expand "the global jihad" and sent fighters into Iraq helping the Sunni population into forming "The Islamic State of Iraq" and destroy the Shiites of Iraq. With Islam as their constitution and belief system it gave the insurgents a stronger boast. Before hand hundreds of Coalition troops and had been killed and several hundred wounded. And now Coalition forces were facing a revival of militant Ba'athist groups.


By 2005 Al-Qaeda had greatly expanded its operations both strongly in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now that they were achieving massive victories against the Coalition in both Islamic countries they were now hoping to expand into Israel and begin the war against the Zionist state. The Jewish state which for years had killed and slaughtered innocent Palestinians was a source of great anger and demanding of justification from Arabs and Muslims all over the world.

Invasion of Israel

Gathering forces from Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, mujihadeen began coordinating attacks into Israel, launching rockets and sending troops into the surrounding borders - successfully infiltrating both military and civilian strongholds and effectively killing 51 Israelis and also rescuing several hundred Palestinians who flooded into Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

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