The Second Hellenic Empire
CV-Greece's flag
Official languages Greek
Capital Athens
Largest City Constantinople
Population 15,000,000
Area 74,708 sq mi
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State Emperor
Head of Government Emperor
Independence 1770 (recognized 1783)
Currency Drachma

A small country in the extreme South-east of Europe, this nation has seen the rise & fall of many empires, culminating in Ottoman takeover, only to gain its independence 400 years later. Over the decades, Greece used both force by both diplomacy & the sword to take back the Italian Dodecanese, Turkish Eastern Thrace, Crete, & the Aegean Islands, & at the time of Confederate Independence was fighting to rid itself of Britain & France's grasp, at the behest of Russia. It was the first nation to recognize Confederate Independence. One of the main PODs is that the 1770 Orlov Revolt is successful, & Greece is more aggressive to its neighbors in the Mediterranean (mainly towards Italy & Turkey), & wants to rid itself of the Allies that aided its revolution.

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