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Largest City Athens
Other cities Thessaloniki, Sparta, Komotini, Larisa, Ioannina, and Patars
Language Greek
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Government Democracy
Population 20 Million
Independence From the Ottoman Empire
Currency Greek Dollar
Map of greece
The Kingdom of Greece was a nation in Southern Europe. After the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano, the Greek nation became isolated to become stronger and survive the apocalypse. Each governor voted on a leader for the country.



  • The eruption happens in Yellowstone.


  • The country of Greece was in peace and their citizens were happy.
  • In the same year they increase their military spending’s and upgraded their security on their borders.

  • Steven Katsaros Was elected as the first President.


  • The military allowed refugees to come into the country by monitoring the borders. Mostly people for other Balkan countries, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Egypt.

  • Katsaros starts rebuilding projects to build up the country.

  • With the rebuilding projects more jobs are made and less people are unemployed.


  • Greece does not join any side during the Great European War. They decide to stay neutral to rebuild the country up.


  • With the growing population of the country, Katsaros looks to make his country bigger.
  • Greece expand it's country by adding territory from other Balkan counties.
  • With the Holy Russian Empire and The Roman Empire trying to capture Greece, the military sends more men to watch out for assassins and spies.
  • With the military sending more troops to the border, it is mandatory to join the army for five years


​The government of Greece changes depending on who is the president of the country at the time. There is no set parties in Greece. Anyone can be apart of any party they like. The president has the last say in everything. The president has a cabinet which he talks to about national problems. There is a congress that makes the bills and laws. The house of representatives presents problems that are occurring in the nation to the congress to vote on.

Government Agency

SSA - This is an agency were people do secret jobs that the president has to keep out of the publics notice. (Secret Service Agency)

HHA - This agency helps out people who are unemployed and need money for their family. (Helping Hand Association)

RUC - This agency rebuilds homes, buildings, and historic stuff after they have been destroyed. (Rebuilding Urban Cities)


The military in Greece is increasing each year. Greece has a strong military, but refuses to fight anyone, because they are looking to build up the country first. Most of the military is on the border of Greece protecting the country. It is mandatory to join the army for five years. Most of the militay is on the border of Greece protecting itsselve from the HRE. 

There is about 900,000 thousand active people and another 100,000 thousand people in reserve.

On of the most famous base in Greece is Base 16. At this base a lot of secret technology, weapons, and vehicles are made as prototypes here before they are made in military factories.



People celebrate Christmas and Easter every year.


People play basketball, soccer, and hockey.


Following the abandonment, Jazz continued to be very popular in the late 30's through the 50's. In the 60's Rock and R&B became popular. In the 80's Metal became popular. In the 90's Punk and Punk Rap became popular. People today listen to any kind of music they want to.


The economy in Greece is growing each year. Greece mainly consists of fishing, farming, technology, oil, and medicine. Free trade is a big part of the country's economy. Greece's imports and exports are pretty good.



Greeks - 60%

Turkish - 20%

Israelites - 10%

Egyptians - 5%

Italians - 3%

Other Balkan Countries - 2%

Other - 1%


Eastern Orthodox - 50%

Jewish - 20%

Islamic - 10%

Other Christian Denomination - 10%

Other - 5%

Atheist - 5%

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