Alternative History

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The Greek States War Gridlocked

During Democrates technological innovations, Athens and Sparta were locked in the Greek States War (OTL The Penepoliesan War). Sparta held Athens and the The Delian League under blockade by land, while the Athenian Navy attacked Sparta by sea. Both sides were taking heavy damage.

Democrates Arrives

Once Democrates arrived in Athens, he devised new uses for the Steam Engine. He fitted them inside Battering Rams and Siege Towers and sent the new weapons to Syracuse, which Sparta held under siege. The new Athenian reinforcements caused Syracuse to fall to the the Delian League and sealed Sparta's competition in the western Mediterranean. The Athenian Navy also replaced rowers with Steam Engines. This saved the precious silver that Athens depended on. The displaced workforce joined the Army and began to beat back Sparta.

More to Come...

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