Alternative History

You probably wanted to know what happened after Alexander invaded the Persian empire.

Dramatic Changes in Judah[]

Alexander arrived in Persian territory in 380 B.C. As Alexander came to Jerusalem without a fight, he recognized that these people weren't his enemies, so instead, he greeted to the Jews and kneel down to the high priests. Soon, without a war, Alexander made Judah part of his empire. However, on his death, his Latin son, Emperor Italliaus went on the throne and changed Judah, forever.

Immigration Around the Empire[]

Emperor Italliaus accepted Judaism and Christianity, and built orthodox churches and synagogues for the Jews to worship at. As Alexandrian culture grew so strong, the Jews had to make a translation of the Torah and Bible to Greek, Latin, or Macedonian. This next diaspora forced Jews to preserve their religion. Emperor Italliaus decided to let the Alexandrians to worship these religions as well if they were interested. Soon, 2/3 population worship gods, 1/3 of the population was monotheists.

Rabbi Yohann Ben Zaccrai[]

This rabbi was one of the monotheist rabbis who helped preserve Judaism. He was the high priest of the orthodox church in Rome and was responsible for taking part in disputes and discussions. Zaccrai also led reforms about God and trusting his laws. Soon, he was the oldest rabbi in history.

New Way of life[]

Unlike their old days, many things changed.

Jews wore Roman style clothes, and Jews were given great and clever education. Jews could practice their religion, and could vote. Many Jews did not have to worship Alexandrian deities, and had more rights than other people. THey did not have to pay taxes, and Jews could be made into government officials.

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