Flag of the Vermont Republic

The flag of the Republic of Vermont.

A 1791 Convention, 150-2, dissolved the Republic of Vermont and became a state of the United States of America.

But what if the figures were reversed?

Although the Vermont people were disappointed at the decision at first, many opinions were changed when the War of 1812 began, which almost decimated the US.

The United Kingdom (until 1931) and the United States have expressed interest in annexing Vermont, due to its historical ties to both American Nationalism and British Loyalty.

Throughout Vermont's existence, it is gone through multiple eras of hardship and the occasional victory. Through the Vermonter Civil War, the American Invasion by Abraham Lincoln, the American Occupation during World War II, the late admittance to the United Nations in 1972, and the heavily bargained purchase of New Hampshire, which guaranteed Vermont a a permanent spot on the map of North America.

Vermont, although not a political superpower, leads in internal peacefulness, having been at peace since 1810, and also has a large tourism industry, due to its large amounts of scenic overlooks and 5-star hotels.

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