The Green State Crisis was a national crisis in the later part of 1989, which saw the first attempt at a coup by assassination, the rebirth of the Green Army, the death of Prime Minister Alex Chavez, and the end of the Illyria Company.

Bombing of the HMS Green State

In August 1989, the midsize ship HMS Green State exploded and sank off the coast of Oregon. The ship was carrying encoded software from a Seattle dock chartered to the private defence contractor Illyria Company. Although a final investigation was never made, it is suspected that the militant wing of Illyria orchestrated the attack. HMS Green State had been owned by the Green Army from 1945 until 1977.

M17 and the Pascal Code

The Illyria software was a more esoteric copy of a pascal code that allowed packet switching- the code that connected computers to the internet. The software had belonged to a counter-terrorist leader, M17, who had lifted the code from Illyria nearly a year earlier while undercover.

The Soviet Summit

On October 14, 1989, Prime Minister Alex Chavez met with Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev to discuss increased involvement in a new world governing bloc (later G9) at an opening speech, a secret service vehicle was stolen by an unidentified perpatrator. One agent, Adrian Marlowe, pursued the thief but was knocked unconscious and discovered hours later aboard a barge in St. Francis harbor. Unfortunately, the summit would be cut short on October 17, when a large earthquake struck the St. Francis Bay Area. Alex Chavez was killed in the incident, and power was transfered to Deputy PM Bill Richardson at 7:00 PM.

October 20 Attacks

A former Green Army member, Adrian Marlowe met with old friend and future PM Francis Stanford-Westly in St. Francis. Adrian Marlowe had already assumed that the perpatrator was trying to eliminate him, allowing the assassination of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister would be dead within days, but Marlowe believed that the former Green Army was the target. For protection, he passed the pascal code to James MacQuarrie, affirming his identity as M17. Through manipulation of the code, Marlowe oversaw plans for an attack on the soon-to-open New Albion Life Tower in Dublin. On October 20, three Dublin-bound Illyria carrier trucks exploded hours apart. Crime scene investigators discovered C4 in the trucks, which checked out with Marlowes (unreleased) discovery. Marlowe resigned from the secret service, and continued to fight Illyiria under the Green Army banner, but was gunned down by Illyria militia north of Dublin in November.


  • Marlowe's son, David, was born the following month; and would lead the underground Illyria-backed Dublin Crisis nearly 17 years later.
  • Illyria was formally shut down, but continued illegal activities in the mountains of Montaigne and Oregon.
  • Richardson called an election in 1990, formally winning the seat of Prime Minister.
  • Robert A. Hamilton would be Prime Minister from 1998 to 2006.
  • Francis Stanford-Westly would become Prime Minister in 2006.
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