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Grizzly Pact
Timeline: Days After Chaos
District of Northern Cali by monkeyflung No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

"Esse quam videri"
("To be, rather than to seem")

Anthem "Bastion of Civility"
Capital Eureka
Largest city Redding
Other cities Northhaven, Crescent City
Language Californian, Cascadian English
Religion The One
Ethnic Groups
White (85%)
  others Asians (8%)

Native Americans (7%)

Demonym Grizzly
Government Maritime Republic
Governor Dominic Grayheft
Currency Grizzly Dollar
Time Zone PST

The Grizzly Pact, officially the Grizzly Pact of Northern California, was formed in 1853 and is located on the West Coast of North America within the Redlands region. It is bordered by the Free-City of Saint Rose to the south, the Free-City of Redbluff to the west, and the Shasta City-State cluster to the northwest. The remainder of the frequently patrolled borders are either the country's coast or uncivilized territory populated by tribesmen.

Before the Chaos the the regions of the United States that compose the Grizzly Pact today belonged to the northern parts of the State of California, and the southern parts of the State of Oregon.




After the Chaos struck in the early days of the 1850s many towns and settlements in Northern California were absolutely devastated. Thousands were forced from their homes, and its estimated that over a third of the population died during the Chaos. As wildfires ravaged the forests, diseases ravaged communities, and mudslides entombed villages thousands left their homes and fled to the largest cities (which were still small at the time), primarily Eureka, Redding, Redbluff, Santa Rosa (which would later become St Rose) as well as a whole host of others that are less related, or settled into city states or devolved into tribesmen. Many of the townships were filled to the brim with refugees and none had the capacity to deal with them. It was worse when the waves of refugees from the East and South began to immigrate to the region, primarily from Southern California, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona.


The economy of the Grizzly Pact is very diverse, but relies heavily on the lumber, cannabis, farming, fishing, and shipping industries. Redding and Eureka are both known as the hearts of the Grizzly Pact's strong economy, as Redding acts as a critical juncture in over-land trade routes through the Redlands, as well as a major center for the manufacturing of firearms and ceramics, and Eureka acts as a massive trade-port known for its fine fish, ships and cannabis.


Foreign Relations

Tribal Relations

The Grizzly Pact has some very bittersweet relations with many tribes. Often supporting at least one tribe or city-state whenever war can be found to its east, usually to whichever is willing to sell it the most gold and lumber.


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