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GroundForce is a Militant Pacifism organisation which advocates a ban on land mine and cluster bomb munitions. Under its ideology, it considers those weapons to be particularly deadly to the civilian populations in target areas, and that they do not serve an efficient military use regardless. GroundForce is one of the few Militant Pacifist organisations that is generally received quite well by the general public.

Typical GroundForce Actions[]

GroundForce operates on a number of levels. It not only bombs munition depots in a number of countries with land mine or cluster bomb munitions (even if those depots do not hold any of such weapons), but also operates a clearance program to remove them from target areas in order to protect the local civilian population. Because of this, GroundForce is received quite well in countries where these weapons have been used and rely on thankful donors to cover the organisations costs.

Legal Status in 2009[]

GroundForce is banned in individual UN states such as the United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union and other countries but is not banned throughout by the UN.

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